Feature request #16928

Warning before deleting a feature in attribute table / form mode

Added by A E almost 7 years ago.

Category:Attribute table
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Steps to reproduce:

0: needs a shapefile with a value relation field (e.g. a linked species list) using multiple choices and completer options.

  1. set a shapefile layer in editing mode,
  2. open attribute table,
  3. select a feature,
  4. open form view,
  5. on the left of the form view, click on another feature than the selected for editing (not for selection),
  6. go to a value relation field of the attribute form,
  7. select some entries by keyboard, i.e. type first letter and use arrow keys to navigate, then hit space,
  8. then accidentially hit DEL or BACKSPACE.

Your selected feature will be deleted. There is no prompt. If you don't see it vanishing either on the canvas or in the attribute table, you won't realise it is deleted.
(FTR, it can be restored by clicking on the main (canvas) window and using undo (Ctrl-Z). The undo keyboard shortcut won't work in the attribute table window.)

I suggest changing either that behavior (deleting of selected while editing another feature) altogether, or at least pop up a warning "Delete selected feature $featurename_or_number?"

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