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03:34 PM QGIS Application Bug report #16144: QGIS-master - killed on Signal 11
Just in case someone else is interested : I got the same issue and managed to track it down to the python-qscintilla-...


07:15 PM QGIS Application Bug report #11286: Incorrect evaluation of Rule-Base features
The shapefile field names are not the same so I am not sure exactly what you are doing, but be careful about data typ...


09:23 PM QGIS Application Bug report #11201: New Shapefile and attribute table: QGIS allows illegal characters in attribute...
Is it really a bug in QGis if ArcGIS cannot open these files? Is there an official specification for the format of a ...
08:07 PM QGIS Application Bug report #11260: The rotation-indicator will reverse the svg marker in line rendering
I agree that this does not look like a bug. Positive offset means "on the right hand side", negative offset means the...


07:16 PM QGIS Application Feature request #11179: Allow to define a tolerance for point selection
Currently, selection uses a hardcoded 10*10 pixel square to select lines and points. It would be quite easy to change...
12:15 PM QGIS Application Revision ced5ae43 (qgis): update


01:55 PM QGIS Application Revision 9931dde9 (qgis): refactor to a more general convertFromRenderer function
01:47 PM QGIS Application Revision 45dfd53b (qgis): add sip
01:47 PM QGIS Application Revision 11d159cd (qgis): Add factory annotation and use clone for rule based renderer
01:47 PM QGIS Application Revision 4c51956b (qgis): use previous renderer if possible, instead of last applied renderer

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