Bruno Chatenoux

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05:13 AM QGIS Application Bug report #10855 (Closed): "Expand all" and "Collapse all" disappeared from context menu in the ...
I do not know if it is a bug or a decision made, but these functions are really needed back for projects with numerou...


07:27 AM QGIS Application Bug report #4113 (Closed): List of recently used coord systems is growing
It seems the problem mentioned in #2805 persist in 1.7.0 (and maybe 1.6, but I never noticed it)
Every time you move...


11:46 PM QGIS Application Feature request #3636 (Closed): Add source name to merge shapefiles to one
Would it be possible to add one option in the "merge to one shapefile" function that let the user add (or not) one co...

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