Patrick Valsecchi


Reported issues: 3


03:36 PM QGIS Application Revision da58c1d7 (qgis): Add support for empty OGC WMS filters
The FILTER query parameter can now look like that:
That means that the second layer has n...


04:55 PM QGIS Application Revision d6b1f494 (qgis): Fix crssync crash during build
On my machine, crssync dies with a core dump during the build of QGIS.
Infinite loop because there is no color define...


07:40 AM QGIS Application Revision b8f708ff (qgis): [FEATURE][needs-docs] Add OGC filters to WMS


12:48 PM QGIS Application Revision 8e7ae8f0 (qgis): Avoid having duplicated relations in the discovery


06:28 AM QGIS Application Bug report #15695 (Closed): QGIS server should not cache the layers in case of errors
In a production environment, it's tough to ensure the services are started in the correct order. So, for example, you...


07:42 AM QGIS Application Revision ecba2543 (qgis): Add relation discovery for SpatiaLite


04:36 PM QGIS Application Revision 31a1c239 (qgis): Add auto-discovery of relations for PostgresQL
Fixed the add relation functionnality: the table is sorted. When the code
was setting the sorted column, the row was ...


02:21 PM QGIS Application Revision 1a71ee5a (qgis): Use the Qt5 JSON classes


01:22 PM QGIS Application Revision f622c5bf (qgis): Add expression functions for arrays and maps
01:18 PM QGIS Application Revision 6260f9de (qgis): Add support for arrays in the spatialite provider
New versions of GDAL/OGR (since trunk@35289) convert list types (StringList,
IntegerList, Integer64List and RealList)...

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