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Reported issues: 5


03:32 PM QGIS Application Bug report #674 (Closed): Projections - .prj files ignored
When adding a new layer to a project with project projection set to GDA94 (qgis srs = 2548) and file .prj also = GDA9...


03:07 PM QGIS Application Feature request #665 (Closed): Pseudo-colour range - colour selection
Make available selection of colours or colour ranges for grey-scale to colour imaging in raster layers. Someone says ...
03:00 PM QGIS Application Feature request #664 (Closed): Pseudo colour range
Enable 16 bit colour range for pseudo-colours for 16 bit BIL files


07:40 PM QGIS Application Bug report #490 (Closed): GUI Help Files
Version Win native de-bug no help files are accessible from help menu


04:40 AM QGIS Application Bug report #468 (Closed): Info dialog moves off screen
When doing a series of information queries on features in the map window, each time the information dialog box opens ...

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