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08:24 PM QGIS Application Bug report #19319: Qgis 3.2 and Python 3.7
Hi - double/triple-confirming this concern.
Another side issue: I don't think homebrew or others are even using t...


11:24 AM QGIS Application Bug report #5873 (Closed): Vector Grid UI is inscrutable
I'm not sure where to begin here - there are probably multiple tickets in this filing, but I thought I'd file a massi...


01:50 PM QGIS Application Feature request #5569 (Feedback): Turn all attribute table buttons into right click options
Ref: v1.8 Lisboa
This is possibly a Windows-centric UI request, but it seems to me that having the buttons at the bo...


05:09 PM QGIS Application Feature request #5563 (Closed): All CRS selection dialogs should clearly state current projection...
This may seem ridiculous to old hands, but most dialogs don't actually show this.
There should be a non-editable fiel...


01:12 PM QGIS Application Bug report #4106: Error in join
Dan - I encountered a similar issue. Windows doesn't like non-Admins to save things to the C:\\Program Files\\ direct...

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