José de Paula Rodrigues Neto Assis


Reported issues: 3


12:36 AM QGIS Application Revision 9ca2d3be (qgis): PGSQL: making timestamptz a recognized date/time type.


09:44 AM QGIS Application Revision 8319fd79 (qgis): Add explicit include to qgspoint.cpp for Qt 5.15
This adds explicit include of QPainterPath to
src/core/geometry/qgspoint.cpp so QGIS may be built against Qt 5.15.0.


07:48 PM QGIS Application Revision c6824407 (qgis): Removed NUMERIC pgsql testdata.


06:53 PM QGIS Application Revision 7a7a4993 (qgis): Undoing NUMERIC quoting/handling.
QGIS doesn't support NUMERIC columns as primary keys in columns. This
reverts changes that made NUMERIC strings in an...


11:22 PM QGIS Application Revision e8b0d827 (qgis): Python formatting.
11:08 PM QGIS Application Revision 0da71847 (qgis): Quoting floating point values on PostgreSQL provider.
This quotes floating point values on the PostgreSQL data provider, which
allows such values to be used either as stan...


12:34 AM QGIS Application Revision 6a853095 (qgis): Adjusting tests to deal with floating point madness
PostgreSQL 11 and 12 handle floating point values differently; the test
originally passed on PostgreSQL 12, but not o...
12:34 AM QGIS Application Revision 9469f246 (qgis): Code review. Remove quotation of floats for PostgreSQL.
Removed quotation of floating point values after code review by Nyall
12:34 AM QGIS Application Revision c521f39e (qgis): Adjusting floating point comparisons in Python tests
Turns out that what passes on Python 3.8 and PostgreSQL 12 won't pass on
Python 3.7 and PostgreSQL 11 (Travis). So we...
12:26 AM QGIS Application Revision 3f593795 (qgis): Improvements in QgsPostgresProvider::changeFeatures
Included support for json/jsonb in this method, as there already exists
for QgsPostgresProvider::changeAttributeValue...

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