QGIS Mapserver

Now part of the main code base. A WMS 1.3 compatible WMS server that can use a regular .qgs project file as configuration. Alternatively one can provide an SLD file for the configuration.

Link to more info (e.g. Tim Sutton's blog)


  • Nested Groups and Layers
  • Multiple layers selectable to move or delete

Label enhancements

  • Suppressing labeling of short linestrings (only for linestring geometries)
  • Support of multiline labels in the new label engine (only for point geometries)
  • Support of data-defined label properties in the new label engine, such as font-family, size, color, position and rotation
  • Support of data-defined text anchors (left, center, right; top, cap, half, base, bottom)
  • Support of direction symbols (<, >) for indicating the direction of a line in a text label (only for linestring geometries)

Data Providers


  • Geometry-less (attribute only) tables can now be loaded

Symbolization and Classification

In the "Graduated Renderer" there are the following new classification methods available:

  • Natural Breaks (Jenks)
  • Standard Deviation
  • Pretty Breaks


(1.5.0 branched at 13918)

  • composer:
    • sorting in attribute table
  • Offline editing plugin
  • GPSD support in "Live GPS Tracking"
  • feature form callable from plugins
  • OGR creation options
  • SJJB icons added
  • advanced selection tools added
  • WFS-T support

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