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QGIS Changelog 

for QGIS 1.4 'Enceladus'

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h1. Introduction 

Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS), licensed under the GNU General Public License, that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS is Open Source software and its free of cost. It supports vector, raster, and database formats (including the most common ESRI ShapeFile and geotiff). QGIS supports a wide variety of plugins to do things like display tracks from your GPS, and much more. They can be easily managed through the Plugin Manager.

As an open source project, we provide support for using QGIS via our mailing lists and bug tracker:
 - For general enquiries subscribe to our users mailing list at
 - For developer related enquiries subscribe to our separate developers list at
 - If you think you have found a bug, please report it using our bug tracker. When reporting bugs, please include some contact information in case we need help with replicating your issue. The tracker is available at

h1. Sponsoring 

We are always looking for sponsors to help with funding developer meetings and to drive the project forward. If you are interested in providing financial support to the project please visit [QGIS Sponsorship Page].

% QGIS $VERSION brings with it a wealth of improvements, $NBUGS bug fixes and many new features. 

%Along with the release of QGIS 1.4, the QGIS Community Team is also extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of the QGIS Users' Guide version 1.4. 

%This is a substantial body of work that includes a complete revision of the guide, addition of many new sections covering the user interface, introductory tutorials on programming with QGIS, notes on compilation, and much more! The guide includes many screenshots to make it easy to digest. Work will soon begin in translating this guide into additional languages. In all the QGIS User's Guide includes over 250 pages of content and is a fantastic companion to the QGIS 1.0.0 application. 
%The guide can be downloaded from

% For a nice overview of the bugs that were fixed for this release, take a look at:

h1. Download your copy 

Binary and source code packages are available at


This release includes around 200 bug fixes, nearly 30 new features and has had a lot of love and attention poured in to it to take our favourite desktop GIS application another step on the road to GIS nirvana! So much has happened in the 3 months since our last release that it is impossible to document everything here. Instead we will just highlight a couple of important new features for you.

h1. Visual changes 

h2. New Symbology Infrastructure 

[["""".jpg] http://]


Probably the biggest new feature is the addition of the new symbology infrastructure. This is provided alongside the old implementation - you can switch using a button in the vector layer properties dialog. It does't replace the old symbology implementation completely yet because there are various isues that need to be resolved and a large amount of testing that needs to take place. Along with the new symbology system, there is a new labelling plugin provided that attempts to address issues with the 'old' labelling system. This will be integrated into the core application at some point in the future when it is considered ready.

h2. Field Calculator 


QGIS now has a field calculator, accessible via a button in the attribute section of the vector properties, and from the attribute table user interface. You can use feature length, feature area, string concatenation and type conversions in the field calculator, as well as field values.

h2. Print Composer 


The map composer has had a lot of attention. A grid can now be added to composer maps. Composer maps can now be rotated in the map layout. The limitation of a single map layout per project has been removed. A new composer manager dialog has been added to manage the existing composer instances. Composer pictures can now be rotated and it is possible to synchronize composer map rotation and composer picture rotation (e.g. useful for north arrows).
Arrows and shapes can now be placed onto the composer layout. The map composer dialogs have all been completely overhauled to use less screen space and to provide for more consistency.

h2. User interface improvements 


Various parts of the user interface have been overhauled with the goal of improving consistency and to improve support for netbooks and other smaller screen devices. Loading and saving of keyboard shortcuts is now possible. Position can now be displayed as Degrees, Minutes, Seconds in the status bar. The add, move and delete vertex buttons are now removed and the node tool is moved from the advanced editing toolbar to the standard editing toolbar. The node tool replaces the functionality of the three removed items. Layer adding and removing actions are now unified to one toolbar and removed hide show all layers and add to overview icons from toolbar (as discussed at hackfest). The feature identification tool has also undergone numerous improvements. The options, raster properties and vector properties dialogs now use a property list paradigm to improve usability and reduce the amount of screen real estate these dialogs consume.

h2. Render caching 

A render caching capability has been added to QGIS. This speeds up common operations such as layer re-ordering, changing symbology, WMS / WFS client, hiding / showing layers and opens the door for future enhancements such as threaded rendering and pre-compositing layer cache manipulation.

h2. Custom SVG search paths 

%TODO piccie?

User defined SVG search paths are now added to the options dialog. This means you can specify your own directories containing svg images, which can then be used for symbolisation.

h2. Specify CRS when creating new shapefile 

When creating a new shapefile, you can now specify its CRS. Also the avoid intersections option for polygons is now also possible to background layers.

h2. Customizable attribute forms 



For power users, you can now create customizable attribute forms using Qt Designer dialog UIs.

h2. Changelog 

Full changelog is provided here:

- Plugin Installer polishing, updates, new repositories for the 1.x
- add usb: to list of gps device on linux 
- rotate point tool (r11671)               
- Round rotation to 15 degree values if ctrl-key is pressed             
- attribute table: report number of matching rows in status bar
- Show point symbol in rotation preview and a little arrow.             
- Cache is default preview mode for newly added composer map now
- Usability improvements to the new vector layer dialog             
- Remove confusing descriptions in the Options dialog             
- Inject a bit of layman into field names to help those not familiar with computer terms             
- plugin installer update: more default repos             
- Use snapping settings of digitizing module also for measuring
- field calculator (r11735)
- Use nicer looking resize boxes in print composer             
- HIG compliance for composer and its dialogs             
- HIG compliance for Identfy Mode             
- HIG compliance for snap mode combo list             
- User interface cleanups to copyright, delim text and n-arrow plugins 
- plugin installer update: handle ports != 80             
- Fix for shifted values in interpolation plugin             
- wider support for vector layer queries:             
- grass plugin update and typos:             
- Add export to pdf to composer menu 
- Patch from Borys to fix resizing of the min-max combo boxes             
- allow entering of srid up to 1000000000             
- Possibility to have annotations horizontally or vertically in the composer grid
- Grid annotation can be with coordinates or 1A, 1B, ...             
- Checkbox to set composer grid widget visible / invisible             
- Allow field calculator also for layers where adding new fields is not possible (user will have to use one of the existing fields)             
- support user specific svg path in the map composer
- Possibility to choose the precision of composer grid annotations 
- Possibility to add/remove attributes also in attribute table. Small modification to attribute table such that adding / removing columns is visible 
- Dont show all other file types as it makes the dialog box unusable on many screens
- Rename option to lock layers             
- Move composers menu into the file menu             
- make database (aka SID) optional for OCI connections             
- Allow more decimal places in interpolator plugin             
- Use horizontal layout for interp plugin             
- Lots of Gui layout cleanups 
- change 'Tools' menu to 'Vector' menu 
- Cubic tin interpolation in interpolation plugin
- zonal statistics (r11931)         
- coordinate capture cleanup (r11939,r11944) 
- bunch of string updates
- Further ui cleanups for map composer 
- mapserver patch issues and updates for mapserver export plugin 
- Added 50 more North arrow, made and donated by Silvio Grosso 
- add numeric validator field width and precision in new vector dialog 
- Add save to / load from template actions to composer file menu
- Change rotate point icon on theme change 
- udpate to fTools basics stats plugin. Adds new statistics/outputs to basic statistics plugin
- add overlay analyzer 
- Added newgis theme which is a revision by Anita Graser of the original GIS theme by Robert
- north arrow cleanup             
- ui cleanup to buttonbox. small ui update in messageviewer             
- changed OK button to Open as it's a open dialog
- Initialize portrait / landscape in print dialog based on composition width and height
- Layout cleanups for actions widget             
- Symbology-NG branch merged to trunk. This includes also work on labeling done during my GSoC'09
- labeling plugin
- Add a new composer item to draw basic shapes (atm ellipse, rectangle, triangle)
- More options for v.buffer
- Better preview for composer picture 
- Vector layer properties dialog can convert layer to new/old symbology 
- Implement property list ui for raster props dialog 
- Add arrow icon to image resource file
- shapefile projection fix: save the real projection in .qpj next to the .prj file 
- Added AGG output format to mapserver export             
- Make spatial lite dialog smaller             
- Configure shortcuts dialog 
- Make labeling plugin work with on-the-fly projections             
- also remove highlights when identify results is closed with the close button 
- enable test and clear to search query builder
- Updated various GRASS modules. Closes #2229 and #2046, Applied #2004 
- Plugin installer update: one-step plugin install and uninstall in QGIS>=1.4