Note: The dates on this page are subject to change

Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze will take place on March 31, 2005. All new features for the 0.8 release must be in SVN by 2359 GMT on this date.

Code Freeze

Code freeze will take place April 20, 2006. No additional changes to SVN will be allowed after this time, with the exception of last minute bug fixes.

Release Date

Approximately April 30, 2006

Release Related Meetings



These are the remaining tasks that must be addressed prior to release of QGIS 0.8

Code Changes

  1. OGC WMS (Web Map Service) Client support [BM]
  2. Edit vector geometries (add/move/delete verticies) [BM]
  3. Cut/copy/paste vector features [BM]
  4. Including the ability to specify which fields in the source are copied to which fields in the destination
  5. Batch Postgre``SQL retrievals (speed improvement) [BM]
  6. Attribute searching [MD] -> Martin Dobias
  7. improved measure tool & added area measuring [MD]
  8. Convert to... Context menu entry for raster to save to a different gdal format (deferred till future release) [TS]
  9. Option to choose alternate canvas background colour (./) [TS]
  10. Complete initial port to Qt4.x. Note that we will still use qt3 support classes at this stage where it makes sense to do so.


  1. Update translation files
  2. Modify auto* so that translation files are installed during make install
  3. Work out how to build under win32 using mingw.


  1. Update Install documentation
  2. Update User guide
  3. Update website (don't deploy until release)