Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze will take place on 2005-03-26. All new features for the 0.7 release must be in CVS by 2359 UTC on this date.

{X} This date is not subject to change.

Code Freeze

Code freeze will take place 2005-04-26. No additional changes to CVS will be allowed after this time, with the exception of last minute bug fixes. This date is subject to change.

Release Date

2005-05-30 This date is subject to change.


These are the remaining tasks that must be addressed prior to release of QGIS 0.7

Code Changes

  1. {X} Projection support [TS, gs] (./)
    • This will implement support for on the fly projection of vector layers. See ["Projection support in QGIS"] for details
      1. {X} Fix for X11 zoom bug that causes hangs, crashes, and incomplete polygon fills when zooming in too close [gm] (./)
        • See X11ZoomBug for a discussion
          1. {X} Vector / Raster overlay mismatch (./)
          2. Support for all Postgre``SQL tables with a geometry column [gm] (./)
          3. Support for Postgre``SQL views [gm] (./)
          4. Support for joined PostgreSQL tables [gm] (deferred)
          5. Optional creation of GIST index when importing an OGR source using SPIT (deferred)
          6. Save``As shapefile support for all vector layer types (deferred)
          7. Set raster transparency by pallette index (TS) (deferred)
          8. HTML metadata display in vector props to match raster props and for easy cut & paste of info (TS) (./)
          9. Measure tool (./)
          10. Define attribute fields when creating a new vector layer (./)
          11. Select supported OGR createable vector layer type when creating a new vector layer (deferred)
          12. Change vector layer metadata tab to html so it can be cut & paste easily for emailing to developers for diagnostics (TS) (./)
          13. User configurable : fonts for legend entries, colour for map canvas (TS) (deferred)
          14. User configureable : digitising line width and colour, colour for selections (TS and MH) (./)
          15. Sort out basic printing (not layout management) so that you can print to any paper size (TS) (Wont implement - superceded by Radim's layout manager work)
          16. Let the data providers specify a preferred symbology for new layers (LL)
          17. Improvements to the GPX provider (allow deletion of features, try to make XML parsing more efficient) (LL) (./)
          18. Spatial Bookmarks (./)
          19. Multi-level zoom-previous (deferred)

{X} Show-stopper. QGIS 0.7 will not be released until the feature is implemented or the bug is fixed.


  1. Update translation files
  2. Modify auto* so that translation files are installed during make install


  1. Update Install documentation
  2. Update User guide
  3. Update website (don't deploy until release)