The focus of this release is to stabilize and complete existing features (see tasks below).

Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze will take place on 12/1/2004. All new features for the 0.6 release must be in CVS by 2359 GMT on this date. The release candidate branch in CVS will be created immediately following feature freeze.

Code Freeze

Code freeze will take place 12/13/2004. No additional changes to CVS will be allowed after this time, with the exception of last minute bug fixes.

Release Date



These are the remaining tasks that must be addressed prior to release of QGIS 0.6

Code Changes

  1. GEOS support in OGR provider to refine selection of features via identify (use within() function) [gs] (./)
  2. PostGIS editing support in provider [mh] (./)
  3. Vector dialog redesign [ts] (./) (More to come next release)
  4. Qgs``Project implementation [mc] (./)
  5. Label clipping/placements [ts] (deferred til next release)
  6. Save delimited text as shapefile [gs] (./)
  7. Save postgis layer as shapefile [gs] (deferred until next release)
  8. Create new shapefile to edit [mh] (./)
  9. Update license text with GPL exception as appropriate (./)
  10. Improve SPIT handling of psql reserved words [gs] (./)
  11. PostgreSQL query builder [gs] (./)
  12. Draw interrupt / render suspension [ts] (./)
  13. Scale dependent layer rendering (ts) (./)
  14. Update plugins to use new project api to save state in project where appropriate (ts) (./)
  15. Add GIST index creation as part of SPIT shapefile import [gs]
  16. Make GPS upload/download more flexible, let the user specify and save GPSBabel commands [ll] (./)


  1. Update translation files - must be done by 12/3/2004
  2. Modify auto* so that translation files are installed during make install


  1. Update Install documentation
  2. Update User guide
  3. Update website (don't deploy until release)