The 0.5 release will focus on minor feature enhancements, getting a Windows binary ready for distribution, and attempt to close all (or most) of the open bugs.

Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze will take place on September 15th, 2004. All new features for the 0.5 release must be in CVS by 2359 GMT on this date.

Code Freeze

Code freeze will take place September 25th, 2004. No additional changes to CVS will be allowed after this time, with the exception of last minute bug fixes.

Release Date

September 30th, 2004


These are the remaining tasks that must be addressed prior to release of QGIS 0.5

Code Changes

  1. Update legend to a treeview as per (Mockup) (ts)
  2. Update qgsoptions to include a font selector to set global font for legend items (pb / ts)
  3. Implement tile rasters (deferred from 0.4) (ts)
  4. Updated User Guide (using LaTex) (gs) (./)
  5. PostgreSQL layer defining using query to select subset of features (gs) (./)
  6. Windows version (gs & ts & others) (./)
  7. Initial digitising support (mh) (./)
  8. Initial file conversion support for raster (ts) and vector (cs)
  9. Grass digitising support (rb) (./)
  10. Initial labelling support (rb) (./)
  11. Check and update plugin builders (ts)
  12. Generic property storage for plugins in project files (mc)
  13. GPX digitising support (ll) (./)
  14. Unique attribute renderer [mh] (./)
  15. Unique value marker renderer (ll) (./)
  16. Cleanup of all open bugs (all)

Please see the DeveloperProfiles for full developer names.


  1. Update translation files


  1. Update Install documentation
  2. Update User guide
  3. Update website (don't deploy until release)