Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze will take place on May 21, 2004. All new features for the 0.3 release must be in CVS by 2359 GMT on this date.

Code Freeze

Code freeze will take place May 24, 2004. No additional changes to CVS will be allowed after this time, with the exception of last minute bug fixes.

Release Date

May 25, 2004


These are the remaining tasks that must be addressed prior to release of QGIS 0.3

Code Changes

  1. Vector support on big-endian platforms (eg. Mac OSX (./) and Solaris)
  2. Support for tile rasters (deferred)
  3. Overview map with current extent displayed
  4. Pyramid support for rasters (./)
  5. Scale calculation (./) to support scale dependant views, scale bar, zooming to user specified scale
  6. Load / save support for delimited text layers in project files
  7. Layer definition query for PostGIS layers to define the features that make up a layer
  8. Initial projection support (deferred)
  9. Review and clean up of vector dialog boxes
  10. Clean up menu management so plugins can appear (and create if needed) in their own menus.
  11. Translation support for plugins
  12. Make mapCanvas available through plugin interface (./)
  13. Implement progress bar on main application window that is globally useable (via signal & slots) to any time consuming process. (./)
  14. Extend plugin interface to make mapcanvas available. (./)
  15. Implement ability to place a north arrow on the map (./)
  16. Implement ability to place a copyright notice overlay on map (./)


  1. Update translation files -> should be done between 22. and 25.
  2. Modify auto* so that translation files are installed during make install -> works since 0.1.0devel33


  1. Update Install documentation
  2. Update User guide
  3. Update website (don't deploy until release)