Release Team Meeting on 23 May 2008

First IRC meeting of the release team takes place on May 23rd at 1 pm UTC.


The agenda is open and anyone may add items to it. Please initial next to items if you add them. You are also free to add general notes or more verbose ideas / things to bring to others attention etc at the bottom of the page.

Key: TS = Tim Sutton AL = Agustin Lobo AG = Anne Ghisla MS = Maning Sambale GS = Gary Sherman RD = Richard Duivenvoorde

   1. Post mortem last release [TS]
   2. Plans for next release [TS]
   3. New checklist available at ReleaseChecklist0.11.0


 (09:05:55 PHT) timlinux: <-- new release checklist started
 (09:06:01 PHT) timlinux: hu tuju
 (09:06:08 PHT) Tuju: hello :)
 (09:06:19 PHT) Tuju: though to hang around, hope you don't mind?
 (09:06:50 PHT) aghisla [[email protected]] entered the room.
 (09:07:17 PHT) timlinux: tuju its an open meeting anyone is welcome to attend
 (09:07:41 PHT) Tuju: okay, so i thought when seen fedora ones. I'll try to keep quiet. :)
 (09:07:42 PHT) maning: hi aghisla, tuju
 (09:07:55 PHT) aghisla: hi maning, tuju, dassau
 (09:07:55 PHT) Tuju: hi everyone.
 (09:08:12 PHT) dassau: hi all
 (09:08:26 PHT) timlinux: note to all: I am in an icafe with a phonomenally dodgy keyboard so excuse any crap typing
 (09:08:47 PHT) timlinux: (well crapper than usual I mean)
 (09:08:56 PHT) aghisla: :) i'm in a cafe too, with a friend's laptop
 (09:09:24 PHT) timlinux: aghisla your exams all a thing of the past?
 (09:09:54 PHT) timlinux: can someone pop richard and agusting a quick reminder email?
 (09:10:03 PHT) aghisla: yes! for the near future, only gsoc and one exam
 (09:10:23 PHT) timlinux: maning thanks for adding the release note to
 (09:11:02 PHT) maning: yep, thought I did it already
 (09:12:42 PHT) maning: offtopic: can you map shortcut keys with qgis?
 (09:12:59 PHT) maning: especially for the grass digitizing module
 (09:13:48 PHT) timlinux: maning only by modifying the source code I think
 (09:15:02 PHT) maning: Oh OK.
 (09:15:05 PHT) jef [[email protected]/supporter/active/Jef] entered the room.
 (09:15:28 PHT) timlinux: hi jef
 (09:16:04 PHT) jef: hi
 (09:16:08 PHT) aghisla: hi jef
 (09:22:45 PHT) timlinux: I wonder if Richard & Agustin have the time wrong
 (09:22:54 PHT) aghisla: hopefully not
 (09:22:58 PHT) timlinux: is everyone ok to wait for another 30 min and see if we have an off-by-one error going on somewhere?
 (09:23:16 PHT) aghisla: it is 13.30 UTC, right?
 (09:23:21 PHT) timlinux: if they dont arrive by 11am brasil time we can go on without them
 (09:23:46 PHT) aghisla: i have to leave in half an hour...
 (09:24:02 PHT) aghisla: let's wait another bit, anyway
 (09:24:32 PHT) timlinux: aghisla ouch ok maybe we should start then
 (09:24:47 PHT) timlinux: discussing things that are interesting to you & maning
 (09:24:58 PHT) aghisla: good! thanks
 (09:25:36 PHT) maning: OK, then
 (09:25:42 PHT) aghisla: i apologise for doing so little for 0.10 release
 (09:26:08 PHT) timlinux: the first thing is I guess to ask how the release of 0.10.0 went for you guys - where things were unclear and 

how things could have been handled better
 (09:26:13 PHT) maning: same here, went through achange of work
 (09:26:42 PHT) aghisla: for me, the time table was sometimes confusing
 (09:26:46 PHT) timlinux: ok no need for aplogies - my life is in turmoil at the moment too so it was a bit crazy for all of us I guess
 (09:26:52 PHT) aghisla: :)
 (09:27:06 PHT) timlinux: aghisla - the time table or the checklist?
 (09:27:41 PHT) aghisla: the release timeline on the wiki page
 (09:27:53 PHT) timlinux: aghisla ok
 (09:28:04 PHT) timlinux: is there something I can clarify?
 (09:28:44 PHT) timlinux: I was / am expecting a bit of confusion the first few releases we do together as there is a lot for you all 

to digest
 (09:28:55 PHT) aghisla: maybe, sometimes it was not coordinated with the progress of the release process
 (09:29:16 PHT) timlinux: I think the main thing that got lost is that we need to start preparing press releases  earlier
 (09:29:27 PHT) timlinux: as soon as the feature freeze is set
 (09:29:27 PHT) aghisla: agree!
 (09:30:06 PHT) maning: yes, I actually started looking at the sites over the list for press releases
 (09:30:12 PHT) timlinux: in reality if you are working on press release stuff you just need to watch for my email that says we are in 

feature freeze
 (09:30:32 PHT) timlinux: and that is your signal to go ahead and start getting press materials organised
 (09:30:41 PHT) aghisla: ok very good
 (09:30:57 PHT) timlinux: so if we describe it like that it should be less confusing
 (09:30:59 PHT) maning: each site has a different release format
 (09:31:06 PHT) timlinux: yes
 (09:31:27 PHT) timlinux: I was trying to explain that to you guys :-)
 (09:31:42 PHT) timlinux: that is why i hae e.g. short and long, html and plain text release templates
 (09:32:17 PHT) timlinux: the idea being when you go to a site you can more or less cut & paste the appropriate release announement in
 (09:33:39 PHT) aghisla: also the visual changelog
 (09:33:56 PHT) timlinux: it may be better to adapt things a little: create a detail visual changelog / release announcement
 (09:34:12 PHT) timlinux: and then when posting to sites, more or less just point to that
 (09:34:24 PHT) aghisla: yes
 (09:34:29 PHT) maning: OK noted
 (09:34:32 PHT) timlinux: it will be less work
 (09:34:43 PHT) timlinux: another comment I would like to make
 (09:34:56 PHT) timlinux: is that when reviewing the commit logs etc
 (09:35:06 PHT) timlinux: to build the changelog
 (09:35:26 PHT) timlinux: its important to try to distill out the highlights and put them in a conversational tone
 (09:35:48 PHT) timlinux: the commit logs are usually terse and not intended as print ready change notices
 (09:36:06 PHT) timlinux: I also tried to depersonalise the change log
 (09:36:19 PHT) timlinux: so dont put individual dev names in it
 (09:36:24 PHT) aghisla: ok
 (09:36:53 PHT) timlinux: since for every person you mention there were twn others also doing work that will feel ignored by not being 

 (09:37:08 PHT) timlinux: s/twn/ten
 (09:37:33 PHT) timlinux: I think there were some things that didnt work too
 (09:38:03 PHT) timlinux: like having the QA checks through the release process
 (09:38:06 PHT) timlinux: I think I will chat with Agustin
 (09:38:06 PHT) aghisla: QA?
 (09:38:10 PHT) timlinux: quality assurance
 (09:38:20 PHT) timlinux: my original idea
 (09:38:32 PHT) timlinux: was that agustin would follow me in the release process
 (09:38:38 PHT) timlinux: and double check everything
 (09:38:55 PHT) timlinux: but I think its probably not so useful
 (09:39:21 PHT) timlinux: my thoughts for this next release were the following:
 (09:39:52 PHT) timlinux: I will do all the initial 'in code' work
 (09:40:12 PHT) timlinux: and then when we hit feature freeze, announce to you guys
 (09:40:48 PHT) aghisla: sounds good
 (09:40:48 PHT) timlinux: and more or less leave the press & changelists part over to you
 (09:40:48 PHT) timlinux: (all)
 (09:40:52 PHT) aghisla: have you planned a date for the next release?
 (09:41:02 PHT) aghisla: it will be 0.11, right?
 (09:41:13 PHT) timlinux: about a week after that I need to get into the sources the changelists for displaying in help->about
 (09:41:23 PHT) timlinux: yes 0.11.0 'Metis'
 (09:41:40 PHT) timlinux: the original planned date was June 10
 (09:41:45 PHT) aghisla: (i think i've read it somewhere... :) )
 (09:41:49 PHT) timlinux: I think we are going to need to shift that
 (09:42:11 PHT) timlinux: I need to find out from the devs the status of the map composition updates
 (09:43:05 PHT) timlinux: tentatively I would say we should move it to the end of June
 (09:43:15 PHT) timlinux: how does that work for you guys?
 (09:43:31 PHT) maning: OK
 (09:43:35 PHT) aghisla: i'll have time for this
 (09:43:52 PHT) timlinux: great
 (09:44:11 PHT) timlinux: I think with each release things will go more smoothly
 (09:44:23 PHT) timlinux: as we get more sure of our roles
 (09:44:31 PHT) timlinux: a couple of notes:
 (09:44:53 PHT) timlinux: maning it would be good for you to coordinate with the qgis-community-team folks
 (09:45:00 PHT) timlinux: dassau can help you there
 (09:45:09 PHT) timlinux: since they are planning to update
 (09:45:41 PHT) timlinux: one of the things we need to try to do is reduce the number of references to the current version of qgis on
 (09:45:52 PHT) maning: OK, I think they planned out some specific roles
 (09:46:04 PHT) timlinux: so that you can make a single update to the current version on the site
 (09:46:30 PHT) timlinux: and then not have to visit all the individual content ensuring the current version mentioned is up to date
 (09:46:40 PHT) maning: Can you clarify a bit?
 (09:46:46 PHT) timlinux: ok
 (09:47:24 PHT) timlinux: I think we originally discussed your responsibilities being to keep and blog current with new 

 (09:47:39 PHT) timlinux: there are various places on that refer to the current version
 (09:47:52 PHT) timlinux: so when we do a release they all need to be updated
 (09:47:58 PHT) timlinux: let me give an example
 (09:47:59 PHT) timlinux: 1
 (09:48:01 PHT) timlinux: 1 sec
 (09:49:10 PHT) timlinux: so for example:
 (09:49:12 PHT) timlinux: the download link
 (09:49:19 PHT) timlinux: mentions qgis 0.10.0
 (09:49:33 PHT) timlinux: and the news announcement mentions 0.10.0
 (09:49:52 PHT) timlinux: and
 (09:49:58 PHT) timlinux: documentation link
 (09:50:16 PHT) timlinux: us current to 0.9.0 only
 (09:50:21 PHT) timlinux: etc
 (09:50:43 PHT) maning: Ok got it.
 (09:50:45 PHT) timlinux: so it means that when we release there are a number of places on that need updating
 (09:50:56 PHT) timlinux: I think they are all documented on the release checklist
 (09:51:06 PHT) timlinux: so what I was saying is
 (09:51:18 PHT) timlinux: that since the community team folks are planning a revision of
 (09:51:32 PHT) timlinux: its a good opportunity to try to streamline this
 (09:52:00 PHT) dassau: good point - for the new qgis web we want to keep everything more simple and easier to maintain
 (09:52:24 PHT) timlinux: dassau yeah that will be great
 (09:52:30 PHT) dassau: if you have ideas please write to the community-list
 (09:52:46 PHT) dassau: the direct contact person for web and blog is Stephan Reber
 (09:52:59 PHT) timlinux: dassau my idea is to delegate this to maning so that he can liase between our groups
 (09:53:09 PHT) timlinux: assuming maning is happy to do that
 (09:53:20 PHT) maning: Sure :)
 (09:53:30 PHT) dassau: :-) good idea - I will tell Stephan as well
 (09:53:49 PHT) timlinux: it sounds like basically maning and stephan should just get into contact
 (09:53:49 PHT) dassau: yes 
 (09:54:05 PHT) timlinux: maning if you can keep your messages on-list so we can just keep up to date with what you guys are up to that 

will be great
 (09:54:53 PHT) timlinux: maning I was also thinking that maybe we should hand the management of blog posting and visual checklist 

management to richard
 (09:54:59 PHT) timlinux: assumming he is willing
 (09:55:12 PHT) timlinux: so the responsibilities would then work something like this:
 (09:55:37 PHT) maning: coordinate with stephan for, and richard for the blog
 (09:55:51 PHT) timlinux: tim: update code and post to the list announcements of the various points in the release process
 (09:56:26 PHT) aghisla: write /update press announcements and visual changelogs
 (09:56:39 PHT) timlinux: aghisla: prepare initial changelog in form suitable for use in qgis application itself and work with richard 

on changelogs
 (09:56:46 PHT) aghisla: ok
 (09:56:54 PHT) timlinux: tim coordinate packaging and update download site
 (09:57:20 PHT) timlinux: richard, agustin, anne, maning - post press releases
 (09:57:39 PHT) timlinux: does that all seem to make sense?
 (09:57:56 PHT) timlinux: in reality the changelog will probably be a team effort
 (09:58:01 PHT) aghisla: sure
 (09:58:06 PHT) maning: yep
 (09:58:15 PHT) timlinux: we can use the same format as last release vis changelog
 (09:58:19 PHT) timlinux: and just try to refine it
 (09:58:32 PHT) timlinux: Id like to get nicer screenies done for instance
 (09:58:40 PHT) aghisla: yes, and make it more conversational, maybe
 (09:58:46 PHT) timlinux: yes
 (09:59:16 PHT) timlinux: ok so Ive made a new checklist for this release
 (09:59:27 PHT) timlinux: I am going to revise it a bit and put the timings in
 (09:59:27 PHT) aghisla: seen it on the wiki
 (09:59:46 PHT) timlinux: and coordinate on the dev list to make sure the timings will work
 (09:59:51 PHT) aghisla: good!
 (10:00:17 PHT) timlinux: and then we will go-go-go ! :-)
 (10:00:29 PHT) timlinux: we are aiming to release 1.0 for august
 (10:00:46 PHT) timlinux: so it may be good to start thinking about that too
 (10:00:57 PHT) timlinux: we need a super-duper press release for 1.0
 (10:01:22 PHT) aghisla: we'll do our best... folks I have to leave now, see you soon on IRC or the mailing lists!
 (10:01:36 PHT) timlinux: with a visual overview of the application and a spam programme that will make viagra look like a poor 

relation to qgis :-)
 (10:01:44 PHT) aghisla: :P
 (10:01:47 PHT) timlinux: ok aghisla! thanks for coming
 (10:01:55 PHT) maning: by anne
 (10:01:59 PHT) aghisla: thank you all :) bye!
 (10:02:02 PHT) maning: bye anne
 (10:02:08 PHT) timlinux: cheers
 (10:02:37 PHT) aghisla left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]").
 (10:02:42 PHT) timlinux: maning ok lets wrap it up - Ill try to contact richard and agustin by mail
 (10:03:22 PHT) maning: OK, i'll clean up the for update on the 0.10.0 release
 (10:03:40 PHT) timlinux: maning can you put a log of this meeting on the wiki
 (10:03:49 PHT) timlinux: my irc client doesnt let me save it
 (10:03:54 PHT) maning: please mail, contact to stephan
 (10:04:00 PHT) timlinux: maning great
 (10:04:11 PHT) maning: OK, I'll them then
 (10:04:24 PHT) timlinux: dassau can you help with stephans contact details for maning/
 (10:04:25 PHT) timlinux: ?
 (10:04:40 PHT) dassau: yes, of course
 (10:04:54 PHT) maning: OK, I'll post then
 (10:04:57 PHT) jef: um,
 (10:05:13 PHT) dassau: yes - thanks jef :)
 (10:05:38 PHT) timlinux: great
 (10:05:44 PHT) ***jef regular contribution to every meeting :)
 (10:05:51 PHT) timlinux: maning what is your job?
 (10:05:55 PHT) timlinux: jef :-)
 (10:06:28 PHT) maning: update the
 (10:06:51 PHT) maning: contact stephan and richard for updates along the community team
 (10:10:02 PHT) timlinux: maning no I meant your job in the real world :-)
 (10:10:27 PHT) timlinux: the new one that you just started
 (10:10:45 PHT) maning: more mapping
 (10:11:08 PHT) maning: this time I get paid to use qgis and grass:)
 (10:12:54 PHT) maning: landcover mapping
 (10:15:22 PHT) maning: have to go now. need some sleep
 (10:18:16 PHT) maning: anything else we should add in the logs? I added the logs in the release checklist.
 (10:18:42 PHT) maning: bye for now
 (10:18:54 PHT) dassau: I leave, too. I wrote a mail to the community-list and encouraged them to subscribe to the release-team list as 
 well. I believe this can save us work and time, if we manage to coordinate our tasks...
 (10:19:20 PHT) dassau: thanks a lot and see you on the list