Qgis web clients comparison

This page would serve to compare features available web clients for qgis server with features available in other common webgis frameworks, also with the aim to know what are the already planned developments and in order to optimize a common effort to improve the tools.

feature lizmap qgis web client p.mapper Notes add here other web clients
zoom y y y
zoom previous/next n y y
zoom slider y y y
identify y (only layers with option popup on) y (different modes available: only active layer, all layers, stop at first hit) y
popup templates per layer y n (could be implemented if wanted) ?
measure line/area tool n y y
pan y y y
zoom to full y y y
zoom to selection n n (no selection yet) y
layers transparency n n y
selection tool n n y
un-select tool NA NA y
results table upon selection NA NA y
simple searches n y y
advanced searches (with >,<,and,or, etc. and/or on more than 1 attribute) n there is a configurable search panel available - see [http://map.geo.gl.ch/ GIS Glarus] - custom filter can be introduced, QGIS Server already supports basic custom filtering y
geonames searches n y n
hyperlinks in search results NA n y I don't understand this - do you have an example?
support for printing n qgis layouts y
support for QGIS print layouts n y NA
separated baselayers y n (would be easy to add - but you restrict yourself to the projections and zoom levels of the base layers) n
support for Google & OSM base layers y NA (see above) pmapper 5
editing(*) n n (may be added in the future if clients demand it, OpenLayers already supports basic editing) n
redlining support ? n (but planned in Q2/2013) ? means that the user can draw interactively in the client and print it to PDF - things like comments, overlays, annotations
multi-project y y (new theme switcher available - one cannot mix projects but easily switch to other projects) via URL
home page with project list y y n
users/groups support y (y) (through Apache config with users and groups, requires htpasswd apache URL rewriting and separate locations - a script could help a bit) n
download/save canvas as image n n (is planned, will be available in late 2012) y
link to map = permalink (**) n n (planned) y
layers metadata y n (not yet, will be added in late 2012) n
coordinates indicator n y y
scale selector n y y
on the fly layer legend y y y
overview map y y y
tool tip (map tips, as called in qgis) ? y y
use QGIS groups as single layer y n (would be relatively easy to implement if demanded) NA
embedded tiles/cache support y n (no, needs separate tile cache app) n
web service protection y y (see notes on Apache config at user/groups support) ?
multilingual y y y
responsive ui y ? ? do you meant that the same tool works on small mobile displays as well?
smartphone & tablets support y n (planned in Q1/2013, will be a separate project, but share parts) n
display project metadata y n (will be added) ?
access to files stored in the project folder y n (would need some extra development or Apache configuration) ?

(*) specify editing features

(**) it means having a direct link/url that points to a specific state of the map, including active layes, zoom level, etc.

Demo sites exemples: