The AGIT is a conference and exhibition on Geoinformatics held in Salzburg (Austria).


QGIS was present as part of the OSGeo and FOSSGIS e.V. - area of the exhibition with a small area and a representant of its own.

A picture of the QGIS - area can be viewed here .


This is a non-complete collection of question that were of concern to various visitors of the QGIS booth.

  • Network analysis (topology of conduction)
  • Import and export of GPX - files
  • Load GPX - tracks directly from the device
  • Logging of specific points (user triggered) using a GPS - device
  • Mailing-List
  • Support for ".NET"
  • Support for 3D - Shapefiles
  • Possibilities to use different symbologies for map - production
  • Easy (and quick) printing
  • A log-file for WMS - requests / some kind of "logging - window" within QGIS to visualize the currently made requests over time
  • Pre - defined symbology for OSM - data
  • Ease of use
  • Routing functionality
  • Possibility to script QGIS