PSC Meeting September 2015

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QGIS PSC Meeting 11 September 2015

  • Tim Sutton
  • Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Marco Hugentobler
  • Juergen Fischer
  • Paolo Cavallini - Meeting Chair
  • Gary Sherman
  • Anita (via chat available for questions)
  • Andreas Neumann


  1. Appointment of Andreas as PSC member - Treasurer
  2. Feedback from last meeting:
    1. Paolo: Find out more details from Radim on status - part of work still slated for 2.12
    2. Anita: to write to Astrid to confirm that we would like to hold the HF in Bonn - Aug 2016 (at least 40-50 people) ask for possible overflow room: Done, but no reply from Astrid yet
    3. Tim: to check with Pablo if we can get in on a weekend plus thursday and friday - still: done: now Thu Nov 5th - Sun 8th Nov 2015 see - Done
    4. Tim: to write to them to find out when the cut off is for confirming venue - still. See wiki page above: seems 3rd of November to me. - Done
    5. Richard: to write to Otto to find out if LinuxHotel is available - Done : Not available
    6. Tim: to send email to dev list to call for applications for working on QGIS API docs for python - Done: 3 candidates, selection during meeting - Done
    7. Tim: will send a draft to the PSC before sending to the dev list - Done
    8. Tim: to send clarification that treasurer does not need to be Swiss - Done
    9. Andreas and Tim finalize the arrangements needed for establishing the Verein and feedback to PSC via mailing list - Done
    10. Tim: Write to Luigi to see if Spain is still an option for Spring conf 2016 - Done
    11. Andreas: Check with Vincent to see if Lyon is an option for Spring conf 2016 - Done
  3. Incorporation of Verein “”
    1. Acceptance of the statutes - vote via loomio at
    2. Signing of statues
    3. Registration of QGIS user groups -
  4. Selection of Python documentation helper - 3 candidates:
    1. Karolina Alexiou
    2. Claire Hardgrove
    3. Jakob Miksch
  5. New bug fixing week


I have contributed some features in QGIS in C++ and I am familiar with the codebase. I am also very familiar with the Python API since I use it to develop the Time Manager plugin. I'm also quite good at explaining things from a technical writing perspective (published writing includes [1] and [2]). Tim Sutton, Matthias Kuhn and Anita Graser can vouch for me. I am a good C++ developer and a Python expert, and can learn more about Doxygen for this project.



As a regular user of QGIS for commercial workflows in an environment with no support for commercial GIS, I want clearer documentation in lieu of technical support. I'd like to see QGIS able to compete in commercial environments with Arc and industry-specific modelling tools, but can only see this happening with stronger documentation and a support wiki the likes of Arch.

I'd like to contribute in whatever way I can but have limited C++ and Doxygen experience. Can I perhaps help in technical review from a users perspective, for grammar, readability and compliance with documentation standards? Thus, please ignore the hourly rate below and just let me know if I can help.


I use QGIS very often in my study. I think the Python API should definitely be improved. I already had some frustrating moments with it. So I would really like to make it better. I especially would like to publish some examples and best-practice advices.

  • Tim: Karolina
  • Jürgen: Karolina
  • Gary: Karoline
  • Andreas: Karolina
  • Richard: Karolina
  • Marco: Karolina
  • Paolo: Karolina


  • Paolo and Andreas to liase with Pablo from Gran Canaria to establish a budget
  • Andreas to recontact Lyon (Oslandia)
  • Tim to contact Karolina - will ask her to focus on establishing a python documentation standard in doxygen. Will write to other applicants too to inform them ‘not now’ but would like to use the in the future
  • Gary: Write to PSC regarding chair of the board & who will sign incorporation document
  • Andreas:
    • To move bank account to after signing
    • Create a business registry entry so that we get a registered business number
  • Andreas: Find out which developers are available for paid bug fixing
  • Tim: Update the paid developers sheet to list available devs for QGIS 2.12
  • All: Vote on which paid devs we will use for this bug squashing season
  • Richard: Create user accounts for all PSC members
  • Current finances - around 35-40EUR including Swiss User group donations for bug fixing.