PSC Meeting October 2015

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QGIS PSC Meeting 7 October 2015

  • Tim Sutton
  • Paolo Cavallini
  • Jürgen Fischer
  • Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Anita


  1. Feedback from last meeting:
    1. Paolo: Find out more details from Radim on status - part of work still slated for 2.12 - done
    2. Anita: to write to Astrid to confirm that we would like to hold the HF in Bonn - Aug 2016 (at least 40-50 people) ask for possible overflow room: Done, but no reply from Astrid yet - done - still no feedback - try again for next meeting? Anita: try calling Astrid on phone since mail doesn't seem to work
    3. Paolo and Andreas to liase with Pablo from Gran Canaria to establish a budget - done
      Budget requested by organisers:
      • Lunch: € 75,00 * 3 = € 225,00 to be confirmed
      • Dinner at HF: € 100,00 * 3 = € 300,00 to be confirmed
      • Nice dinner: € 600,00 * 1 = € 600,00 to be confirmed
        total € 1.125,00
    4. Paolo: to write to individual devs who might still want reimbursements
    5. Andreas: to recontact Lyon (Oslandia) - try again for next meeting?
    6. Tim to contact Karolina - will ask her to focus on establishing a python documentation standard in doxygen. Will write to other applicants too to inform them ‘not now’ but would like to use the in the future - done
    7. Gary: Write to PSC regarding chair of the board & who will sign incorporation document - done
    8. Andreas:
      1. To move bank account to after signing
      2. Create a business registry entry so that we get a registered business number
    9. Andreas: Find out which developers are available for paid bug fixing - done
    10. Tim: Update the paid developers sheet to list available devs for QGIS 2.12 - done
    11. All: Vote on which paid devs we will use for this bug squashing season - done
    12. Richard: Create user accounts for all PSC members - for what I (Richard) know now we are not allowed to give out more than 10 email addresses with our free Google plan - Richard: ask Andreas to contact Google for more
  2. Tim / Andreas: Incorporation of Verein “”
    1. Election of new chair -
      1. Tim has shared form for voting with individual invitations
      2. Voting is anonymous
      3. Select two candidates - one with most votes and that is willing to stand as chair wins
      4. Approval of this approach:
        1. Jürgen + 1
        2. Richard + 1
        3. Tim +1
        4. Anita +1
        5. Paolo +1
    2. Signing of statues
    3. Tim: Registration of QGIS user groups -
  3. Richard: MacOSX signing of installers (org enrollment we need official stuff, like a ADUNS number, see 99 dollar per year, alternative is 219 dollar per year
    ONE installer vs modular installer -> one installer
    Apple vs ALL-OS cert -> apple cert vs OSGEO cert -> try osgeo first
    Debian packages already signed with GPG
    Anita: “please let me know if I should raise this point with OSGeo if you think it would be a good move from OSGeo to offer these certificates to their projects.” ? will contact Richard with any follow-up questions before the OSGeo board meeting
  4. Tim: Self hosting our blog (I didn’t realise we were going to have ugly ads on our posts when hosted under wp)
    1. FYI: No adds package costs: $30 per year (cheaper than administation of our own blogging platform I guess) ? Anita will buy the upgrade
  5. Tim: Proposed dates for QGIS User Conference in 2016
    “We are still working with the following dates for organizing the Spanish FOSS4G + the Hack Meeting of QGIS + the QGIS International User Conference:
    From the 23rd to 27th of May
    As soon as we have more precise information, I will let you know. By now, we are looking for the different venues, rooms, etc. and how to combine all this activities. Thanks for your patience ;)” - Lluis Vicens
    1. Anita +1
    2. Tim + 1
    3. Richard +1 (so Bonn and Spain in 2016)
    4. Paolo +1
    5. Jürgen +1
  6. Jürgen:
    1. Issue with bug fixing is finding fixable bugs in the bug queue
    2. We need a better system to help prioritise which bugs get fixed
    3. Tim: We need to determine whether Giovani is still available to triage the bug queue
    4. In future we change the timing so that bug triage paid effort happens before the paid developer effort happens. e.g. First week after freeze triage queue, subsequent weeks for fixing
    5. Perhaps we can look at ways to pre-plan which bugs should get fixed during the bug fixing phase
    6. For example we can have a point system that buys time towards fixing particular bugs
    7. Jürgen: Bug fix funders nominate which bug they want fixed to create a pool of cash for bug fixing and a prioritised list of bugs. The pool of cash is used to work through the queue in order of priority - no guarantee that all bugs are addressed.

next meeting at the hackfest + South Africa remote meeting