PSC Meeting July 2015

Proposed meeting time:

TIME: Wednesday afternoon 8 july 2015 on IRC 15:30 CET

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QGIS PSC Meeting July 2015

  • Tim Sutton
  • Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Jürgen Fischer


  1. / (RD)
  2. Status foundation? (RD)
  3. Status report 2.10 release (RD)
  4. Finances (AN)
  5. Pulling into docs (RD)
  6. Way images are stored in sphinx
  7. Synchronize passwords for email lists, and put it in the qgis.kbd keepass file so all psc members can admin
  8. Proposal to elect new PSC member - Education (TS)
  9. Planning a QGIS 2016 user conference and dev meeting
  10. Hackfest in Gran Canaria
  11. Idea to have a funded project for each QGIS release



Foundation status

2.10 Release status

Finances status

  • EUR 22k sponsorship this year
  • ~10k paypal
  • Still waiting for 2.10 bugfix invoices. Nyall paid and half of Boundless invoice
  • 7.5k pending from SWISS users dedicated to bug fixing
  • About 2k expenses expected for HF dinner still
  • Bank balance is EUR ~32k

Incorporation of FOSSGIS Academy

  • Richard planning to pull FOSS4GAcademy into docs - or into a separate repo?
  • Richard will liase with Phillip Davies to incorporate the docs into GH repo

Storing images in sphinx

Password synchronisation

  • Richard requests that all PSC members update the KeepassX file with the mailing list passwords he has.
  • Gary will start the process by adding his passwords

Proposal to elect new PSC member for education

  • Proposal is to call for nominations for a new PSC member to be in charge of Education
  • Ideally someone linked in with universities etc
  • Tim will check the procedure and call for proposals
    • Tim +1
    • Gary +1
    • Richard +1
    • Marco +1
    • Paolo +1
    • Otto - +1 (per email)
    • Anita - +1
    • Jurgen - expressed reservations about this position - we should discuss his concerns more

Proposal to appoint PSC member for treasurer

  • Tim proposed to create a separate role for treasurer
    • Richard +1
    • Marco +1
    • Jurgen +1
    • Gary +1
    • Tim +1
    • Anita +1
    • Otto - +1 (per email)
    • Paolo - +1 (per email)

Planning QGIS 2016 User conference

  • Vincent Picavet from Oslandia is investigating if the possibility of hosting the next QGIS user conference during XXXXXX (date)
  • Venue would be in Lyon in France
  • Luigi Pirelli also offered a venue in Spain - see
  • Richard to contact Luigi to find out if the venue would be suitable
  • Andreas to contact Vincet
  • If no suitable venue is found we can ask on the user list
  • Approach Lena to mentor the organiser
  • Astrid Emde (Where Group) and organizer of FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn is also interested in offering space for a hackathon during/around the event.

Hackfest in Gran Canaria

  • We need to commit to block booking of 20 rooms if we want to get a good rate
  • We need to respond to Pablo et al.
  • Ideally start on thursday and end on sunday
  • Proposed dates are 2-6 November
  • PSC prefer a weekend overlap in that time range
  • Tim to check with Pablo if we can get in on a weekend plus thursday and friday
  • Tim to write to them to find out when the cut off is for confirming venue
  • Richard to write to Otto to find out if LinuxHotel is available
  • Astrid Emde (Where Group) and organizer of FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn is also interested in offering space for a hackathon during/around the event (contact via Anita)
  • Average hotel room prices (on block booking deal) are ~60 EUR
  • Flights are going to be between EUR 250 - 500
  • Preferences:
    • Gran Canaria: Marco, Andreas, Gary, Anita, Otto?
    • Linux hotel: Jürgen, Marco, Andreas, Tim, Richard, Gary, Anita, Otto?

See this URL for more info on Las Palmas venue etc.
Idea to have a funded project for each QGIS release

  • Andreas was proposing that we sponsor a developer to do low level project maintenance tasks.
  • Some ideas:
    • WFS support
    • API docs
    • Writing tests
      • Paolo also suggested crowd funding for core
  • We have 2.5k for API documentation - starting point with Python docs
  • Tim to send email to dev list to call for applications for working on QGIS API docs for python
    • solution should keep docs in sync with c++ api e.g. autodoc generation
    • possible to add cookbook content into doxygen packages
    • add python examples into doxygen comments
  • Tim will send a draft to the PSC before sending to the dev list