PSC Meeting August 2015

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QGIS PSC Meeting August 2015

  • Tim Sutton
  • Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Jürgen Fischer
  • Paolo Cavallini
  • Otto Dassau
  • Anita Graser
  • Andreas Neumann



1. QGIS announcements on

Post release announcements on
enable automatic publishing of blog posts to twitter

2. QGIS GRASS Plugin not working with GRASS 7?

Find out more details from Radim on status - part of work still slated for 2.12

3. Hackfest Bonn?

In August 19 - 21 2016
+1 Tim
+1 Anita
+1 Jürgen
+1 Otto
+1 Richard
+1 Andreas

Anita to write to Astrid to confirm that we would like to hold the HF in Bonn (at least 40-50 people)
ask for possible overflow room

4. Canary Islands follow up

(Linux hotel doesn’t work in 2015)

5. Developer funding

(Python API docs see Tim’s Follow-ups)

6. Edu PSC rehash

PSC Proposed to wait on appointing an EDU PSC member based on concerns raised from Jurgen:

  • No clear leader on edu in community
  • Not needed yet, can be a sub role of PSC

Tim - wait
Anita - wait
Jürgen - wait
Richard - wait
Otto - wait
Paolo - wait

7. Feedback from last meeting

Tim to check with Pablo if we can get in on a weekend plus thursday and friday - still TODO
Tim to write to them to find out when the cut off is for confirming venue - still TODO
Richard to write to Otto to find out if LinuxHotel is available - Not available
Tim to send email to dev list to call for applications for working on QGIS API docs for python - still TODO
Tim will send a draft to the PSC before sending to the dev list - still TODO

8. Treasurer nomination

Tim to send clarification that treasurer does not need to be Swiss

Andreas Neumann

4:12 PM
Just to clarify: the treasurer doesn't have to be a Swiss citizen - just one board member has to be

9. Verein Status

Andreas and Tim finalize the arrangements needed for establishing the Verein and feedback to PSC via mailing list

10. Spring User conference venue

  • Tim: Write to Luigi to see if Spain is still an option
  • Andreas: Check with Vincent to see if Lyon is an option

11. next meeting

Wednesday, Sept 2th, 15:30 CET