Time and Location

  • #qgis-meeting on
  • 1500 UTC


This agenda is flexible -- some items may be skipped or deferred depending on time constraints

  • OSGeo
    • Incubation
    • SVN, Website etc migration
  • RFC Process - need to get everybody involved
  • 0.9.1 Release
    • Bug Triage
  • Python tasks
    • Move console to more appropriate menu since it's not a plugin
    • Roll Matthew Perry's plugin installer into the core distribution
  • Roadmap and plans for next versions
    • merging of branches being currently in development
    • new architecture changes (core plugins, better vector architecture, vector renderers)
    • new GUI layout
  • QGIS Certification Programme
    • accrediting developers
    • accrediting 3rd party support providers
  • Build bot
  • Unit test process
  • Raster providers
  • New developers
  • Open discussion