PSC Meeting 5 December 2014

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IRC: #qgis_meeting_141205

Members Present:

  • Anita Graser
  • Marco Hugentobler


  • Is there any time plan for QGIS 3.0 yet? (Anita)
  • QGIS 3.0 and breaking the API (Anita)
    • Implications for plugin dev community & python documentation - require instructions in Python Cookbook for each change?
  • QGIS design: application and project icons (Anita)
    • Some members of the community are rightly pointing out that we are currently using the same icon for both QGIS desktop, browsers, and project files. ( Imho, it's not a huge problem but in the medium term I'd like to see different icons, especially to make desktop and browser distinguishable. We already agreed that we would only restart the logo discussion once we get to 3.0, but it's certainly necessary to consider a potential change. I would like to decide on the following questions, now, well before the stress of upcoming 3.0 is on us:
    • Do we agree that 3.0 should come with different icons for desktop, browser, and project files?
    • Are we willing to invest financial resources to get these icons? (Otherwise we need to work with what we can get for free.)
    • I would like to (1.) run an idea contest for revamping our logo for 3.0. (2.) The community would then be voting to get top picks from the submitted ideas. (3.) With the winning ideas, I would like to go back to one of these websites where professional logo designers compete for design jobs. The final decision should be up to the PSC otherwise I'm afraid we will wind up in endless discussions without a final decision like last time. (Step 3 could be skipped if 2 has a clear winner which fulfills all our expectations.) Would you support this move?


(4:09:51 PM) anitagraser: hi mhugent!
(4:09:57 PM) anitagraser: are we here too early?
(4:10:09 PM) mhugent: hi anita
(4:10:23 PM) mhugent: don't know if there is a meeting and when
(4:10:37 PM) anitagraser: usually they start at 16:00
(4:10:49 PM) mhugent: I can only stay until 17h, and Paolo can be there after 17:30
(4:11:45 PM) anitagraser: do you have any strong opinions concerning the topics i raised on the wiki page?
(4:13:54 PM) mhugent: anitagraser: concerning qgis 3, I have the following opinion
(4:14:48 PM) mhugent: I think it is too short after Version 2 to make another version with totally incompatible plugin API
(4:15:18 PM) mhugent: However, as there are inpractice small incompatibilities between minor versions
(4:15:59 PM) mhugent: if could be a possibility to say that the composer API can change (as it is not used by many plugins) and the rest of the API should stay
(4:16:28 PM) anitagraser: good idea imho
(4:16:53 PM) mhugent: Because Nyalls composer changes are the only thing where the API needs to be changed. Geometry and Qt5 can be done with current API
(4:17:43 PM) anitagraser: so 3.0 could be: changes in the print composer API but otherwise compatible API?
(4:17:57 PM) mhugent: yes
(4:19:39 PM) anitagraser: do you agree with requiring instructions for plugin updates due to API changes in the pyqgis cookbook?
(4:20:11 PM) anitagraser: or is there a better way to handle this?
(4:20:30 PM) mhugent: I think it is a good idea
(4:22:32 PM) anitagraser: ok
(4:23:16 PM) anitagraser: what are your preferences concerning the icons issue (1) and my suggestion of having another go at the logo (2)
(4:25:13 PM) mhugent: I don't have a strong opinion regarding the icons
(4:26:39 PM) anitagraser: the need or the financing?
(4:27:12 PM) mhugent: For the logo, I think we just should stay with the current one. People are already used to it, so they might be confused by a change
(4:29:10 PM) mhugent: the need
(4:29:51 PM) mhugent: If there is a consensus for need, it might be good to invest funds (depending on how much we have and how much it costs of course)
(4:30:43 PM) anitagraser: ok. thanks. i guess we can put this in the log for later and maybe if someone else joins later, we can see where the majority opinion on these question is.
(4:32:16 PM) mhugent: ok, thank you
(4:32:33 PM) mhugent: hope there are some more pscs coming around