PSC Meeting 3 October 2014

Proposed meeting time:

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IRC: #qgis_meeting_031014

Members Present:

In Essen:
Marco Hugentobler
Richard Duivenvoorde
Tim Sutton
Otto Dassau
Paolo Cavallini
Andreas Neumann (guest)
Jürgen Fischer

via Skype:
Anita Graser
Gary Sherman (chair)


  • RFC/QEP for larger changes to the codebase (marco)
  • Release cycle (QEP-3)
  • Founding of an association (marco) / governance and organization (pcav)
  • Funding profile (Tim)
  • trademark management (pcav)
  • donation management (pcav)
  • rules for reimbursement of HF expenses (pcav)
  • QGIS course certification (tim / pcav)