PSC Meeting 31 May 2013

Proposed meeting time:

Friday, May 31, 1300 UTC

Members Present:


  • Design Committee
  • Release plan for 2.0
  • Growing the PSC?
    • bug manager role, and others
  • Sept Hackfest plans
  • Quantum GIS name change
  • website migration


Release plans

  • hard freeze commences as soon as SIP2 and plugin manager are merged (hopefully by start of next week - second week of June 2013)
  • Marco review C++ plugin manager code
  • Tim review stale patches and propose any mergeworthy ones and notify authors of those not accepted in merge window
  • Tim to draft a governance doc on how to deal with blockers in a release and to determine release time line post freeze

Growing the PSC

  • the proposal was tabled to add members to the PSC
  • three potential roles were suggested (Testing and QA, Design, Infrastructure)
  • the discussion is moved to the mailing list to allow time to think how to proceed