PSC Meeting 25 March 2014

Proposed meeting time:

Friday, Mar 25, 11h00 UTC+2

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Members Present:


  • Backports
  • AAS
  • Visual changelog
  • Plugin repository screening
  • Backup plan for plugins
  • Pull requests
  • Finance state
  • User groups
  • Style repository
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • QGIS 3.0 ?


Plan of action:

  • Advertise 3 release previews heavily and encourage bug reporting
  • Post release allow backports to the release branch
  • Release manager will on ad hoc basis evaluate the patches applied to release branch and if merrited, create a bugfix release (with packages)
  • We should campaign for funding to clean up the Win32 build and add missing Scipy etc. on Win64 and for bugfix work in general


All obligations to AAS are being met. Juergen is finalising the package for AAS and Paolo will contact AAS to see if they are happy with the current situation


  • Tim to move it to
  • Richard to publish rst export of changelog to
  • Juergen to point to the static page

Plugin screening

  • We should be able to rate plugins in the plugin manager
  • We should improve the plugin search on the web site
  • Improve the algorithm for calculation of stars so that they are consistent between the web site and the plugin manager
  • In terms of security we will leave it to users discretion to decide if a plugin is safe to use
  • We should add a link to report poorly written / maliscious plugins
  • We should use DISQUS for commenting support on plugins (both in plugin manager and web site)
  • We should have a link back to plugins.qgis,org in the plugin manager

Plugin backups and Sysadmin

  • Richard will look into getting the plugin repo backed up when we move the plugin repo to the hetzner server
  • Richard will make a redmine project for sysadmin requests

Pull requests

  • Richard will write to old pull requests to see if the pull request can be applied

Finance and Trademark

  • ~30000 EUR in the bank more or less
  • Trademark application is still underway - application has been
  • Andreas will organise a second bank account which Paolo will have read access to

User groups

  • We should prepare User Group guidelines with recommendations from Andreas / SWISS group
  • We should put in the guidelines that User Groups should indicate that user groups should be vendor neutral, should back link to
  • We will add a page on how to set up a user group to the web site
  • We create an official users group page which will list all approved user groups
  • Paolo and Andreas will lead the development

Applying the style repo

  • George has merged the style repo for QGIS django and there is a pull request to apply it
  • Ale Pasotti is will deploy the new site to qgis2
  • We will merge the style PR into QGIS and put it into master
  • We will post where to report bugs for the QGIS style repo

QGIS 3.0

  • Big ticket items new legend implementation, multicanvas, Qt5
  • It is not considered urgent at this time

Sponsorship agreements

  • We are happy to make annual financial reports available to sponsors but for the project in aggregate, not for individual sponsors
  • We still accept non directed funding only.