PSC Meeting 20 May 2015

Proposed meeting time:

Wednesday morning 20th may 2015 live at Nodebo Denmark Hackfest

"previous meeting":

"next meeting":

IRC: ? probably not, live in Nodebo Denmark

Members Present:

  • Anita Graser
  • Richard Duivenvoorde
  • Paolo Cavallini
  • Jürgen Fischer
  • Andreas Neumann (guest of PSC)
  • Tim Sutton


  • Legal entity (Tim)
  • Decent voting system (Tim)
  • Rotating memberships
  • Next hackfest? Essen?
  • Qt5 migration

Legal entity

  • We will register as a Swiss Verrein known as ''
  • We will draw up a Charter using the Swiss QGIS User group as a model
  • The PSC will transform into a board of the
  • There should be at least one Swiss board member in order to fulfil the requirements of the Verrein legal entity
  • Each recognised user group may nominate one representative who may act as a voting member for the QGIS Association
  • For every user group member there will be one contributor / community member elected. voting members from the community will be nominated and voted for by the established core committers. Any active QGIS community member will be eligible for nomination as a voting member.
  • In order to be recognised, a user group must be approved by the PSC, showing their foundation document and agreeing to abide by the guidelines defined for user groups
  • The QGIS Association will serve the following kinds of functions:
    • Hold an annual meeting where a budget will be presented for approval by members
    • Act as the holder of all trademarks etc. registered for QGIS
    • Be able to sign contracts with external organisations on behalf of QGIS
    • Will NOT act as a consulting house - for example will not pursue clients, provide deliverable services other than the distribution of funds to the QGIS project needed in order to carry out our activities

Rotating memberships

For membership rotations we propose the following scheme (Anita to add image here)

Next hackfest

We had a proposal from the Canary Islands to host the next hackfest. We agreed to proceed with this suggestion, using Essen as a fallback if there are any logistical issues.

Qt5 migration

Jürgen and Matthias are investigating this. Jürgen proposed that we hold the discussion while they investigate what they implications will be and then formulate a migration timeline.

Improved voting and collaboration

Tim proposed that we use for decision making. The PSC agreed to trial it. We also discussed ways to improve our PSC meetings. Options include holding voice meetings and maintaining notes in Google docs during the meeting.