PSC Meeting 14 August 2014

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Thursday, August 14, 1500 UTC, 7am AKDT, 17 SAST, 1 AEST, 17 CEST

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  • status Hackfest Essen
  • donations management (question from mailinglist)
  • accounting and bank account management (pcav)
  • trademark guidelines and their implementation [QGIS Academy] (pcav)
  • financial strategy and budget plan (tim)
  • filtering QGIS planet for QGIS only posts (tim)
  • Tim demoing QGIS-server docker running on
  • criteria for refunding HF participation (pcav)


Conversation with #qgis_meeting_140814 on 8/14/2014 5:12:24 PM:
(5:12:27 PM) The topic for #qgis_meeting_140814 is:  7am AKDT, 17 SAST, 1 AEST, 17 CEST, 15 UTC
(5:12:36 PM) timlinux: hi anitagraser 
(5:12:37 PM) dassau: so, for the hackfest all is fine, I would say
(5:12:40 PM) anitagraser: hi timlinux
(5:12:45 PM) timlinux: great to hear
(5:13:00 PM) duiv: nice, looking forward to it
(5:13:01 PM) dassau: are there questions about it? 
(5:13:12 PM) dassau: because the topic was not from me
(5:13:29 PM) dassau: duiv - yes me too :)
(5:13:41 PM) duiv: not, it was mine. Just thought to let the world know that it was ok or not
(5:14:06 PM) dassau: I can't say anything about the commercial side. 
(5:14:26 PM) timlinux: commercial as in budget etc?
(5:14:36 PM) duiv: or is horst doing that?
(5:14:39 PM) dassau: We get 1500 EUR funding from fossgis e.V., I think Andreas already send the bill to them. 
(5:14:43 PM) timlinux: I guess Paolo
(5:14:47 PM) dassau: no Andreas
(5:14:58 PM) timlinux: ok
(5:15:22 PM) timlinux: duiv: maybe we can add a front page 'support our hackfest' item on
(5:15:27 PM) duiv: well, if there is nothing to discuss, we can go on. No help needed with something?
(5:15:33 PM) timlinux: with one of jef's counters to count down to it
(5:15:51 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: in the place which is occupied by foss4g now?
(5:15:52 PM) dassau: nice idea, I think we can move on
(5:16:02 PM) jef: timlinux: I thought those were too ugly
(5:16:27 PM) duiv: who did say that? ;-)
(5:16:45 PM) jef: duiv: I don't remember.  probably not important enough ;)
(5:17:17 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: not sure where the best place is
(5:18:50 PM) anitagraser: ok, next point: donations mangement?
(5:18:52 PM) duiv: if someone creates some image, I'm happy to link to the donations page (would not make a new one)
(5:19:03 PM) anitagraser: duiv: can do
(5:19:35 PM) anitagraser: was donations mgmt paolo's point?
(5:20:08 PM) duiv: pff, I put it on the list for the last meeting,..
(5:20:43 PM) duiv: I think it was about , people asking where and how we divided donations 
(5:21:38 PM) duiv: if it was used for features, bugs, releases or lts stuff
(5:21:39 PM) jef:
(5:21:53 PM) timlinux: Hopefully we will be able to make that clearer with Andreas & Paolo's new accounting procedures
(5:23:14 PM) timlinux: not sure if jef's perl script tracks the donations to the grave yet
(5:24:46 PM) jef: the amount isn't always picked up.  there are different notifications from paypal
(5:25:16 PM) timlinux: yeah but after that we need Paolo to produce a report or something
(5:25:30 PM) timlinux: it would be good to make a 6monthly or yearly balance sheet
(5:25:41 PM) jef: today there was a cleared check donation - whatever that is.  that wasn't even forwarded by horst's sieve rule.
(5:25:48 PM) timlinux: I guess it must be possible from the gnucash books Andreas is keeping
(5:26:11 PM) jef: yes, that's probably easier from there.
(5:28:06 PM) duiv: third point was also copied as a question from the ml by me. But I did not copy the actual question or link to question, so I'll delete it
(5:29:22 PM) duiv: so do we have to make a statement about 'donations', or is there an action todo for anybody?
(5:29:29 PM) duiv: otherwise, next item?
(5:30:59 PM) anitagraser: do we want to publish what we spend on what in detail?
(5:31:00 PM) jef: I moved the procmail stuff to a separate account on with a separate github account
(5:31:13 PM) anitagraser: or some rough percentages?
(5:32:20 PM) duiv: several years ago there was a yearly report on the web, but I haven't see that being published anymore for some years. Or am I wrong?
(5:33:33 PM) duiv: jef: it did count up very well for your yearly commit count :-)
(5:33:33 PM) anitagraser: i don't even remember such thing
(5:34:07 PM) jef: duiv: that why I changed it. :)
(5:34:24 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: I think a high level balance sheet
(5:34:34 PM) timlinux: e.g. 2000 spent on hackfests
(5:34:44 PM) timlinux: 1000 spent of bug fixing
(5:35:08 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: you are planning to prepare that?
(5:35:31 PM) timlinux: no I think Andreas should be able to generate it from gnucash
(5:35:36 PM) anitagraser: ok
(5:35:41 PM) timlinux: I used to use gnucash in the past
(5:36:00 PM) timlinux: and you should be able to get a report out ad hoc with the push of a button
(5:36:25 PM) timlinux: I did offer to use our bookkeeper to help but I think Andreas is happy to do it
(5:37:13 PM) anitagraser: ok. so we will ask him to prepare that for 2014 
(5:37:26 PM) timlinux: +1
(5:37:35 PM) timlinux: and then publish it on our web site
(5:37:40 PM) duiv: +1
(5:39:13 PM) anitagraser: good, next point: certification for training?
(5:39:30 PM) ***duiv removed it
(5:39:41 PM) anitagraser: ok, trademark guidelines
(5:39:46 PM) anitagraser: and QGIS Academy
(5:40:12 PM) anitagraser: i think the plan was to have an announcement about the trademark
(5:40:13 PM) timlinux: For trademark guidelines dont shoot me but I though we could just use google apps
(5:40:25 PM) timlinux: to make a simple form that fills out a good docs sheet
(5:40:49 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: yeah before we announce I think we should have a way to do registrations and approvals
(5:41:01 PM) jef: linux foundation?
(5:41:15 PM) timlinux: jef: yeah like that
(5:41:40 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: just wouldn't wait too long if we want to approach QGIS Academy
(5:42:46 PM) timlinux: yes
(5:43:02 PM) timlinux: thats why I was thinning something quick and dirty using google apps
(5:43:33 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: I guess we can raise at the same time do we want to approach qgis academy
(5:43:44 PM) timlinux: personally I dont have a huge problem with it
(5:43:58 PM) timlinux: I have more problems when people misrepresent QGIS
(5:44:06 PM) timlinux: which I dont think they are doing
(5:44:13 PM) timlinux: e.g. they dont say they wrote it
(5:44:24 PM) timlinux: or that qgis is something other than what it is
(5:44:27 PM) anitagraser: I don't have a huge problem with it either. I'd just feel more comfortable if there would be a note somewhere that it's organized by a university consortium rather than the project itself
(5:44:51 PM) timlinux: yeah
(5:44:53 PM) timlinux: agreed
(5:44:54 PM) anitagraser: like "academy brought to you by ..." 
(5:45:04 PM) timlinux: I dont think we need to invoke trademark for that
(5:45:47 PM) anitagraser: yeah probably not
(5:45:53 PM) anitagraser: we should just decid
(5:46:01 PM) timlinux: Ill be happy to write them a note
(5:46:08 PM) anitagraser: +1 from me
(5:46:15 PM) timlinux: just politely asking that they backlink to us
(5:46:22 PM) mhugent: +1, I think a note will do it
(5:47:03 PM) dassau: +1 adding a note and maybe link back
(5:47:13 PM) timlinux: ok I will do it
(5:48:07 PM) anitagraser: ok, concerning the technology for the application/form ... i'm fine with google docs ... no issue for me
(5:48:23 PM) timlinux: ok
(5:48:32 PM) timlinux: we already have google apps for
(5:48:39 PM) timlinux: so we can just hook it into a shared doc
(5:49:51 PM) timlinux: rduiv and and I will do it and deploy it to
(5:50:00 PM) timlinux: if all are ok with that
(5:50:11 PM) anitagraser: +1
(5:50:49 PM) timlinux: Ill more or less just copy what the linux foundation have
(5:53:37 PM) timlinux: next item?
(5:53:57 PM) timlinux: ultimately w can add an app to our django app
(5:54:17 PM) timlinux: but will do a quick and dirty hack first while we make something better in django
(5:55:02 PM) anitagraser: ok next would be: financial strategy and budget plan (tim)
(5:55:52 PM) timlinux: Well my suggestion on the ML is that we come up with a more formal strategy
(5:56:19 PM) timlinux: and also give ourself some targets that we can look at a funding drive like Jummy Wales does
(5:56:31 PM) timlinux: (the wikipedia dude)
(5:57:52 PM) timlinux: Maybe this is something better discussed at the HF
(5:58:06 PM) timlinux: I can try to draft something as a starting point for discussion
(5:58:07 PM) jef: or on the ml.
(5:58:13 PM) timlinux: y
(5:58:42 PM) jef: does the wikipedia approach work for organizational sponsors?  I guess not.
(5:58:57 PM) timlinux: (btw we sneaked in a couple more agenda items)
(5:59:41 PM) timlinux: jef: yeah we also need to think about how to make ourselves more acceptible for folks like Regis
(6:01:31 PM) timlinux: IMHO we need to follow up with getting non profit status too
(6:02:06 PM) timlinux: so that we can be elible for grants etc
(6:03:03 PM) timlinux: maybe we can get Paolo to help with this
(6:03:06 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: we talked about starting a non profit in switzerland, right?
(6:03:34 PM) timlinux: yes
(6:03:46 PM) timlinux: I think it fell on the backburner
(6:04:03 PM) anitagraser: but that would still be the plan, right?
(6:04:16 PM) timlinux: but I think it is needed too if we want to make ourselves a legitimate funding rarget
(6:04:33 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: yes but I dont know what the current status with that is
(6:04:48 PM) timlinux: mhugent: do you have any idea?
(6:06:01 PM) mhugent: afaik no action has been done about it
(6:06:30 PM) timlinux: mhugent: do you recall who was going to follow up on it? Anreas?
(6:06:55 PM) mhugent: I don't remember
(6:07:17 PM) mhugent: But Andreas has done it for the Swiss user group, so he knows exactly what to do
(6:07:42 PM) timlinux: mhugent: could you chat to him about pursuing it further for us?
(6:08:12 PM) mhugent: ok, will chat to him and give an update on the psc ML
(6:08:24 PM) timlinux: great thanks
(6:08:56 PM) timlinux: ok and I noted to start a draft fin plan document and take it to the ML
(6:09:40 PM) timlinux: can we move on to the next item
(6:10:04 PM) anitagraser: that would be filtering QGIS planet for QGIS only posts (tim)
(6:10:19 PM) timlinux: yes
(6:10:44 PM) anitagraser: do we want to enforce that everyone uses a qgis tag for posts that should appear?
(6:10:48 PM) timlinux: We have some posts e.g. Nathans recent post which (though I sympathise with) are not related to QGIS
(6:11:03 PM) timlinux: and I think it sets the wrong message for people coming to the planet
(6:11:21 PM) anitagraser: or do we need something more involved?
(6:11:45 PM) timlinux: I think we should just ask / require that all feeds have a category filter to QGIS
(6:11:56 PM) duiv: not sure if the tags show up in the feeds from the blogs...
(6:11:57 PM) timlinux: In word press I added a little plugin for kartoza
(6:12:09 PM) timlinux: that only publishes QGIS category posts
(6:12:30 PM) anitagraser: ok qgis category instead of qgis tag ... fine with me
(6:12:31 PM) duiv: if those are there, I'm happy to filter on them in the javascript hacky that is running this
(6:12:50 PM) timlinux: I dont know if other platforms have such options but in cases where things slip  through we can manually edit the feed entries
(6:13:06 PM) timlinux: I will remove any unrelated posts already in the feed if others are ok with this
(6:14:06 PM) anitagraser: +1
(6:15:04 PM) timlinux: ok I just removed 3 non relevant ones
(6:15:11 PM) timlinux: and will take out any more that come in
(6:15:35 PM) timlinux: and we can write to feed authors asking them to give us a category based feed
(6:15:35 PM) duiv: I have to run the pull script then
(6:15:40 PM) mhugent: I need to leave. Bye everyone.
(6:15:47 PM) mhugent left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(6:15:47 PM) timlinux: ok by mhugent 
(6:15:54 PM) anitagraser: bye
(6:16:33 PM) timlinux: ok last item?
(6:16:47 PM) anitagraser: sure
(6:17:05 PM) jef: timlinux: do I need to grow /var?
(6:17:37 PM) timlinux: jef: where will you grow it from?
(6:17:55 PM) jef: timlinux: thin air
(6:18:11 PM) timlinux: jef: maybe we can ask hetzner to add a disk
(6:18:22 PM) timlinux: or get a server with a bigger disk array and migrate
(6:18:34 PM) timlinux: how did we ever survive on 60gb :-P
(6:20:00 PM) jef: timlinux: how large is that docker image?
(6:20:10 PM) timlinux: which?
(6:20:15 PM) timlinux: the new ones?
(6:20:23 PM) jef: qgis server demo
(6:20:36 PM) jef: last item
(6:20:44 PM) timlinux: kartoza/qgis-server         latest                3a3eaea62cec        52 minutes ago      975.4 MB
(6:20:44 PM) timlinux: kartoza/qgis-desktop        latest                39047495260d        About an hour ago   1.105 GB
(6:20:45 PM) timlinux: kartoza/postgis             latest                8c4464086996        About an hour ago   463.9 MB
(6:20:45 PM) timlinux: kartoza/qgis-btsync         latest                7468623fbade        About an hour ago   266.7 MB
(6:21:30 PM) timlinux: it will grow depending on what anitagraser gets up to with our demo map ....
(6:21:31 PM) jef: ok, so it's already on qgis2
(6:21:38 PM) timlinux: yes
(6:22:09 PM) jef: and it won't get near the the 16GB /var currently has.
(6:22:15 PM) jef: left
(6:22:21 PM) timlinux: I dont think so
(6:22:31 PM) timlinux: but I think we should look for more disk space
(6:22:52 PM) jef: for what?  we have 1.5TB left
(6:23:10 PM) timlinux: where is it?
(6:23:18 PM) timlinux: hidden in lvw?
(6:23:21 PM) timlinux: lvm
(6:23:24 PM) jef: vg sys
(6:23:59 PM) timlinux: can you add in a chunk more to var?
(6:24:08 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: maybe you can say a few words about what we can do with the demo server?
(6:24:10 PM) jef: or any other fs
(6:24:20 PM) anitagraser: can we prepare some demo wms, wfs, and wfs-t?
(6:24:25 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: sorry I was woring my way to that part
(6:24:31 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: exactly yes
(6:24:38 PM) timlinux: so its very simple
(6:24:45 PM) timlinux: you need to install btsync
(6:24:58 PM) timlinux: and then we will give you the RW key for a shared folder
(6:24:59 PM) duiv: lol :-)
(6:25:04 PM) timlinux: (it works like dropbox)
(6:25:35 PM) timlinux: in that folder there are some simple datasets and sample .qgs files
(6:25:41 PM) timlinux: and a simple index.html
(6:25:59 PM) timlinux: you simply drop projects and data into there and they are published to the web like magic
(6:26:31 PM) anitagraser: ok, sounds simple enough :)
(6:26:35 PM) timlinux: we also have a pg instance running but the procedure for that will be a bit more complicated so I will come back to you later on what to do if you want to use pg rather
(6:26:45 PM) duiv: anitagraser: I can help you with that, it is just slightly more complicated...
(6:26:54 PM) timlinux: we will put the btsync keys in the keepass password store
(6:27:22 PM) anitagraser: guess i'll start off with a small osm spatialite file to test 
(6:27:31 PM) timlinux: ok cool
(6:27:36 PM) timlinux: its running 2.4
(6:27:44 PM) duiv: yeah that would be cool
(6:27:52 PM) anitagraser: for wfs-t we probably want a postgis layer?
(6:27:56 PM) timlinux: we spoke of having a couple of instances in the last meeting - but lets start with one for now
(6:28:38 PM) timlinux: yeah we can add it easily enough but we need to write up a nice procedure doc for you
(6:28:40 PM) anitagraser: andreas hocevar was offering to write an ol3 recipe with qgis server wfs-t if we have it up and running
(6:29:37 PM) timlinux: ok nice
(6:29:59 PM) ***duiv was wondering where anitagraser was asking it for a few meetings ago, 
(6:30:08 PM) duiv: was it for andreas offer?
(6:30:34 PM) duiv: I thought they actually needed something for their demo's
(6:31:03 PM) duiv: or is that recipe actually an 'example' from their site?
(6:31:55 PM) timlinux: if you want to play with everything locally you can go here:
(6:32:03 PM) timlinux: (needs linux)
(6:32:18 PM) timlinux: I'm writing a blog article to explain things further
(6:32:35 PM) timlinux: ok folks we need to head home
(6:32:43 PM) anitagraser: duiv: yes they call it examples
(6:32:47 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: feel free to buzz if you have any questions
(6:33:07 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: sure I'll try and probably come back to you with questions
(6:33:13 PM) anitagraser: and ask about the password :P
(6:33:37 PM) timlinux: Ill email it to you quickly in a nondescript email
(6:33:51 PM) anitagraser: duiv: we could also include our demo servers in QGIS server lists by default
(6:34:22 PM) anitagraser: ok, i also have to get going
(6:34:27 PM) duiv: anitagraser: which demo servers doyou mean?
(6:34:36 PM) anitagraser:
(6:34:38 PM) duiv: ok, talk to you later
(6:34:59 PM) duiv: ah, clear. Yes
(6:35:10 PM) timlinux: anitagraser: I sent it to your gmx mail address
(6:35:15 PM) anitagraser: timlinux: thanks!
(6:35:52 PM) timlinux: our pleasure (Richard slaved away at it with me)
(6:36:11 PM) timlinux: thanks all
(6:36:18 PM) timlinux: and have a good evening!
(6:36:24 PM) anitagraser: thanks duiv!
(6:36:24 PM) duiv: thanks
(6:36:25 PM) anitagraser: bye