This page is for collecting PaperCut usability issues. Some time ago a Ubuntu release fully concentrated on "trivially fixable usability bug that the average user would encounter in the default application..." see

A PaperCut is not so much a feature request, but more an issue that: is easy to fix, the average user would encounter, presence of which makes a QGIS more difficult or less pleasant to use (text stolen from Ubuntu).

I hope that fixing these PaperCuts, not only make QGIS even more enjoyable, but (cause they are (hopefully) easy fixable) will also encourage junior/starting developers to have a bite in the QGIS code.

Because I'm not sure if other users share the same annoyances, I do not want to create feature requests for all of them immediately, but feel free to do so (and please add a link then in IF you created an issue, OR if you find that there is already a feature request for one of the PaperCuts).

Here is list of some 'PaperCuts' to start with.

  1. Transparency sliders differ in layout in composer and rest of application: normally the direction from 0 till 100 percent transparency is from left to right; in composer it is from right to left
  2. Creating a new Vector Layer: several times I have created a new Point(!) layer (after setting 10 attributes) while what I wanted was to create a Polygon(!) layer. It would be nice if the create Vector layer dialog NOT choose a default geometry type Point for me, but would just complain when I try to create it without choosing one of the options (