New Developers Welcome Pack

New to QGIS and wanting to get started as a developer? This page is just for you! Its designed to give you an overview of the resources available to you. Be sure to read the ContributorGuidelines for an overview of the requirements and responsibilities of a QGIS developer.


If possible, pop in to IRC at #qgis on and have a chat. We are only too happy to help and IRC is probably the most direct way to get help. There is usually a developer or two loafing around there, so log in and say hi and stick around until one of us pops our head out of the sand!

Web Sites


You need an OSGeo account to get write access to the wiki. Then you can post your feature plans there. Each release has a feature plan too. If you think there is something you can reasonably achieve within the next release you can add your name next to or add it to the list if its not there. Its usually a good idea to chat about your plans on IRC first to see if they are generally compatible with what other people are doing or via the dev list. You can also create your own personal development plan on the wiki and outline the things you intend to implement over the longer term. is the main website for qgis, containing links to downloads, end user documentation and links to other qgis websites. Its updated infrequently when there is a release or some important announcement to make.

Bug Tracker

Here, users and developers can report bugs by creating a new ticket and view tickets to check on bug fixes. Developers can browse the source, check the bug queues, and view the timeline and roadmap.

QGIS Community

This is the busiest site I think and if you have anything of interest for both users and developers, this is the place to post it. For example, if you have to submit a written assignment at the end of your project, it would be very interesting if you could post it on the community site too. If you have any other ideas for interviews or articles you can sign up for an account and submit them to the story queue. They will be moderated by gsherman.

PyQGIS Cookbook

If you want to develop Python plugins, this is where you'll find the necessary documentation and code samples.

Becoming a Developer

The procedure for becoming a developer usually works like this: When a new developer comes to QGIS and wants to start developing, he/she is not given full write access straight away. This is to ensure some quality that gsherman can be sure that new devs program within the norms of the project and are generally trustworthy.

At this stage you should submit your changes in the form of pull requests and its ok to send the odd reminder note asking for your patch to be evaluated and committed - there's lots of stuff going on in qgis and sometimes these things fall to the back of people's minds...

You should read up on the CODING. There are not very many rules. CODING contains a few (hopefully) helpful developer tips and references.


See Code Maintainers