MetaSearch Release Packaging

The following are step by step instructions on how to package a release.

  1. update the metadata.txt with the new version x.y.z:
  2. add major items in new line in metadata.txt, changelog value
  3. commit the above updates:
     git commit -m '[MetaSearch] update release version' metadata.txt
     git push origin master
  4. Upload package to
     paver upload -u $OSGEO_USERID  # you will be prompted for your password
  5. Email announcement to:
    • qgis-developer
    • Twitter
    • Google+

Message Template

Subject: MetaSearch x.y.z released

The MetaSearch team announces the release of MetaSearch x.y.z. 

[High level overview of release]

The plugin can be found on the QGIS Plugins Repository at

MetaSearch is a QGIS plugin to interact with metadata catalogue services (CSW).

Version x.y.z (YYYY-MM-DD):

[Bulleted list of enhancements / bug fixes]

Testers and developers are welcome.

The MetaSearch team.