MetaSearch Default Connections list

The MetaSearch default connections list) provides a sampling of CSW endpoints for users to get started with the MetaSearch plugin.

This file is also part of the continuous integration process (see pavement.test_default_csw_connections); on every commit / push to the repository, the CSW endpoints are health check tested. If the CSW is problematic (against a simple GetCapabilities test (which, if it cannot pass, then there are real problems :) ), the build fails.

Guidance for Adding CSWs to the Default List

  • default connections list provides a list of authoritative (preferably in national scope) CSW servers
  • servers are listed by CSW server name (taken from csw:Capabilities/ows:ServiceIdentification/ows:Title) in alphabetical order
  • servers are listed as base URLs. No CSW parameters. Any query string entities must be escaped correctly to ensure well-formed XML
  • servers can be proposed for inclusion to the default list by submitting a new issue
  • any server causing the build to break is removed
  • all other servers can be listed on this page either:
    • XML file that someone can copy/paste
    • anyone can host their own CSW collection XML elsewhere and link them off this page

CSW Connection Collections