Release Checklist for QGIS Manual version 1.0


  • Sections Preamble, 1-3, 15,16, Appendices A, B, I , plus review of all section (Tara Athan)
  • Sections 4-7 (Stephan Holl)
  • Sections 8-10 (Otto Dassau)
  • Section 11-14 (Werner Macho)

Tasks to be done before feature freeze (25. Aug)

This part is huge! I would like to have it done already on 18. August, so we have a little more time to cross check.

  • Convert to the new macros (all)
  • Review the image files so that we are consistent between the manual and metis: Tara Athan
  • New style macro to add linux, windows and mac icons into figure or table captions: Otto Dassau
  • Add templates for English to be used for user instructions in conventions.tex: Tara Athan
  • Review and update chapters with already known new features in 0.11.0: (all)
  • Update the existing examples to use the new dataset, add examples as appropriate: (all)
  • Add platform-specific instructions, following the format in the conventions section: (all)

Tasks to be done after the feature freeze (25. Aug)

  • include a section covering all GRASS Modules available in QGIS with short description: (Otto Dassau)
  • verify consistency of current documentation and examples, update as needed: (all)
  • add documentation and examples for new features: (all)
  • proofread: (all)

Tasks to be done after GUI freeze (01. Sep)

  • Update Icons from a current local copy of QGIS source code (see steps below)
    • a) change QGISPLUGINSSOURCE to the correct path for the local QGIS source code copy: (all)
    • b) add commands to the target "updateicons" for any new plugins, verify the paths for existing plugins and modify if necessary: (all)
  • Create a folder "plugins_name_images" containing a Makefile for any new plugin: (Otto Dassau)
  • Create a file "plugins_name.tex" and add it to user_guide.tex for any new plugin: (Otto Dassau)
  • Execute "make updateicons" from the command line to update all icons from QGIS sources: (Otto Dassau)
  • Check and modify all Makefiles to be consistent with the new image names: (Otto Dassau)
  • Insert %FIXME comments for all latex errors resulting from missing images (This will happen for all screenshots and for missing icon images): (Tara Athan)
  • Check if the latex sources build correctly and commit these changes: (Otto Dassau)
  • Send an email to qgis-community-team with the following instructions: (Otto Dassau)
    • a) execute "make clean"
    • b) svn update your local copy
    • c) please update your sections wherever %FIXME appears
  • create and add screenshots: (all)
  • change image names to agree with source: (all)

Tasks to be done one week before release (08. Sep)

  • include INSTALL.t2t into installation.tex: (Otto Dassau)
  • include CODING.t2t into coding.tex: (Otto Dassau)