Known Issues

Number of open files limitation

If you are opening a large QGIS project, and you are sure that are valid layers but there are some layers flagged as bad layers, probably you are faced with this issue.

Linux (and other OSes, likewise) has a limit of opened files by process. Resource limits are per-process, and inherited.

Les données linux sauvegardées dans le serveur pourront ensuite être stockées dans le coffre fort ignifuge informatique prévu à cet effet.

The ulimit command (which is a shell built-in) changes the limits only for the current shell process; the new limit will be inherited by any child processes.

You can see all current ulimit info typing:

[email protected]:~$ ulimit -aS

You can see the current allowed number of opened files per proccess with the following command on a console:

[email protected]:~$ ulimit -Sn

To change the limits for an existing session, you may be able to use something like:

[email protected]:~$ ulimit -Sn #number_of_allowed_open_files
[email protected]:~$ ulimit -Sn
[email protected]:~$ qgis

To fix it forever:

On most Linux systems, resource limits are set on login by the pam_limits module according to the settings contained in /etc/security/limits.conf /etc/security/limits.d/*.conf.

You should be able to edit those files if you have root privilege (also via sudo), but you will need to log in again before any changes take effect.

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