This page is here to provide a platform to collaboratively define priority tasks that can be assigned to the 6 months of developer time being donated by kCube Consulting. Please use the space below to contribute your suggestions of what you think the donated developer time should be used for. Keep the ideas broad at this stage - we will conduct a poll for which are the most useful contributions and at that stage we will you will then be asked to provide more detail if your idea is popular. For more background please see this blog article.

Please read through the list below first and only add your idea if it is not already mentioned.

For the sake of sanity, you should only list sizable requirements here - small issues should be raised in the bug tracker rather.

Bear in mind that there are six months, not six years allocated, so try to be reasonable in your suggestions!

Comprehensive test suite Tim Sutton tim [A T]
Fix bugs Tim Sutton + Paolo Cavallini tim [A T]
New tools and python bindings for analysis lib Tim Sutton tim [A T]
Port f-Tools to the analysis library Marco Hugentobler marco [A T]
Global message console with tab for each client Pirmin Kalberer pka [A T]
Favorites/Bookmarks collection with recent/favorite layers, styles, etc. Pirmin Kalberer pka [A T]
QGIS Mobile (e.g. on Android) Pirmin Kalberer pka [A T]
Vector pyramids - Generalize vector layers keeping topology Pirmin Kalberer pka [A T]
Color Ramps for Rasters (improve and integrate in QGIS raster properties the "1-band raster colour table" plugin by Benoit de Cabissole) + legend raster symbology. See also Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi [A T]
Layered SVG Export (For Inkscape/Illustrator - skip Qt if necessary) Alex Mandel tech [A T]
Merging all the database plugins (With support for all db types-Spatialite,Postgis,Oracle,ArcSDE?) Alex Mandel tech [A T]
Python dependency handling in plugin installer (ie eggs via easy_install or pip) Alex Mandel tech [A T]
Replacing old with new symbology Paolo Cavallini cavallini [A T]
Support of Circular Arcs for Viewing and Editing
Postgis already allows storage of circular arcs and some analysis works on them as well
Andreas Neumann + Stefan Ziegler a.neumann [A T]
Improved Forms Support through introduction of a forms toolbar
that allows to navigate to next, previous, first and last record, to filter records, delete selected records or globally change attributes of selected records, add records, highlighting associated geometry, introduction of default values and reference datasets for quick fill-ins
Andreas Neumann a.neumann [A T]
Integration of a report builder
Creation of reports from records in a table, combined with map views corresponding to a filtered selection of geometries. Don't know if a qt-compatible report builder exists, something like Jasper in the Java world
Andreas Neumann a.neumann [A T]
Native Oracle Spatial provider (similar to the existing Postgis provider) Andreas Neumann a.neumann [A T]
Improve Import/Export on dwg/dxf Werner Macho + Andreas Neumann werner.macho [A T]
Create an algorithm to produce a net topology out of points and breaklines (TIN) based on rules Werner Macho werner.macho [A T]
Improve 3D support (globe,, paraview (as suggested by JRM) Werner Macho werner.macho [A T]
KML import / export (considering symbology, folder structure, take extrude from attribute, ...) Marco Hugentobler marco [A T]
Raster on the fly projection Horst Düster horst.duester [A T]
Print to PDF webservice based on existing projects and print composition templates (MH: I'm going to implement this during December / January, so this item can be removed from the list) Alessandro Pasotti apasotti [A T]
Fix the bugs in printing and PDF/SVG export and in the new labelling engine. Do related improvements in these areas and in the print composer (added capabilities / improved usability). Alister Hood alister.hood [A T]