To create a set of tools and/or plugins for hydrological and hydraulic modelling. The idea is to use QGIS as a platform for pre/post process GIS input to hydrologic and hydraulic models similar to SMS
Crayfish has been developed to serve this purpose. At the moment, it supports reading/viewing several hydraulic modeling outputs.

Existing tools

Free and Open Source

Free (as in beer)

  • Hec-Ras: Worth having a look at what has been done in Mapwindow. Not clear on the licensing.
  • BASEMENT: Free Hydraulics Tool - slow calculations but worth a try.
  • SWMM: It can be used as a hydrological tool as well. (Alister 2011-06-28: where is the licensing information for SWMM? The source is available, but it doesn't seem to say. I'm wondering if it is Public Domain).


  • Tuflow: Used to work with mid/mif files only but the recent versions work with shapefiles. All the tools are already there (esp. Point Sampling tool)
  • InfoWorks: They offer software packages for surface water, water distribution and catchment modelling.


Other tools you might find useful

  • inp.PINS Use this tool to generate SWMM input file (.inp) based on GIS files (shape and DEM grid files) and also, after SWMM modeling, to built flood plain shape files by combining the result SWMM file (.rpt) with a DEM grid.
  • BASINS Better Assessment Science Integrating point & Non-point Sources from the US EPA. Based on Mapwindow. Interfaces with models such as SWMM5, WASP7, and SWAT 2005.
  • HEC-RAS import/export utility for Mapwindow

Who's interested

  • Ian Packham - I am also developing a frontend for a Catchment Management Tool within the Pathways project
  • Robert Szczepanek
  • Werner Macho
  • add yourself here