Google Summer of Code 2015

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  • Alexander Bruy

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My Project

Proposed by: Anonymous
Possible mentor:

  • Create cool stuff
  • Make QGIS better

Rendering test framework

Proposed by: strk
Possible mentor:

  • Create a framework to allow loading a qgs project, setting zoom/center/rotation and checking pixel colors
  • The pixel color tester should allow specifying a radius around the pixel to compute an average
  • The pixel color tester should allow specifying a tolerance for the average color around the pixel
  • On failure the obtained image should be saved and its path reported

Tool and repository for resource sharing

Proposed by: Alexander Bruy
Possible mentor:

In 2013 a GSOC project Repository and Tool for Resource Sharing in Quantum-GIS was accepted. Unfortunately is was not merged into master because of some issues, mainly in server-side. As number of user-generated contents is groving it would be very good to revive this project and finalize it.

  • support for different resource types: styles, composers, Processing scrips and models, colorramps etc
  • users should be able to download and upload individual files to appropriate categories or work with some themes (e.g. traffic, geology, etc)
  • standardized metadata for each file, using Dublin Core or something similar. Potentially multilanguage (e.g. titles/keywords)
  • ability to search for keywords and metadata
  • voting system and comments also may be useful
  • support for user-defined repositories

QGIS Browser improvements

Proposed by: Alexander Bruy
Possible mentor:

QGIS Browser as standalone application provides very basic functionality. It would be good to improve it and create powerful tool for data management.
Possible improvements:

  • support for rename/copy/move for file- and database-based datasources
  • add ability to manage not only WMS, but also other datasources available in QGIS
  • support for layer creation in databases
  • allow to run queries against databases
  • implement format conversion tool

QGIS Toolbox multi-threaded

Proposed by:
Possible mentor: Alexander Bruy, Victor Olaya

  • implement multithread support in QGIS Toolbox