These pages provide details of everything you need to know relating to the translation of the text you see in the QGIS user interface. It is managed by the community assistant (GUI translation team lead) Werner Macho .

People working on your language can be found in the about box of QGIS Application.

If you want to see how the progress of translation is please take a look in the "About" Box of the QGIS Application. There you'll find the currently supported list of Languages and it's percantage of translation.

If you plan to contribute to an existing language or you want to translate the QGIS gui into a not yet existing language and for any other related questions, please contact him or Otto Dassau using the qgis-community-team mailing list.

If you are interested to translate or update and extend the "User and Installation Guide", please get information from the DocumentationWritersCorner.

Mailing List

A (currently low volume) mailing list is available for discussion of both, translation of the QGIS user interface and documentation (User and Installation Guide) issues. We strongly encourage anyone joining the documentation effort to join this list!

Becoming the official translator for a new language

The QGIS project is always looking for people who are willing to invest some more time translating QGIS into a foreign language - even perhaps to coordinate the translation effort. We are trying to improve our project management process and spread the load more evenly between people who each have a specific area of resposibility, so any contribution you have to make will be greately appreciated.

If you would like to nominate yourself as a coordinator for a new language please go ahead. If more than one person nominates themselves as coordinator for the same language, please contact each other and resolve how you will manage your efforts. Please add your details to the Translators List below and also contact the Community Assistant and GUI translation team lead Werner Macho via the qgis-community-team mailing list.

Helping with an existing translation

If you like to help translating QGIS into a foreign language please assign to the translators mailing list and ask who is already working on that language to coordinate and collaborate.

To start QGIS with the appropriate localization run qgis with the option --lang=<language code> or change localization in QGIS under 'Settings -> Options -> Locale'.

Short introduction into the procedure on Windows

There you'll find all translation files in the i18n subdirectory.

The translation process explained

We use Qt4's translation system for managing translation of the text you see in the QGIS user interface.
Instead of rewriting the Qt4 documentation again, its better to point you to the Qt Linguist documentation and then explain the nuances pertinent to QGIS.
See also HowToTranslateQGIS page.