Developer Meeting June 1, 2007

Meeting Details


  • Development Strategy
    • Maintain stable API: Actually not stable but one that doesn't break things without a substantial reason to do so.
    • Formalization of process: Marco will work on coming up with suggestions to formalize the process.
    • Use RFC process for major changes: Marco will address this as part of the formalization process.
    • Unit testing (TS): Start writing tests for new code and for old classes as bugs are fixed. Maybe a test writing marathon once a month or so
  • Release Schedule
    • 0.8.1
    • 0.9 (or whatever Python Bindings release will be)
    • rough roadmap for 0.10
  • GUI Changes
    • Move Python console menu item from Plugins (it's not a plugin) to a more appropriate place (Tools?)
  • New developers
    • Needs
    • Recruitment options
  • Priority development areas
    • Map composer
    • Labeling
    • Core plugins
    • Python support improvements
    • Vector data handling
    • More refactoring
    • Others?
    • Nightly builds
    • Weekly snapshots (source and binary for some platforms)