Contributor Requirements and Responsibilities

In order to contribute code, patches, or documentation to the QGIS project, all developers/team members must:

  1. Abide by the Social Contract.
  2. Be familiar with the development process and the reference material available in the Development Corner, and the CODING document in the root of the QGIS Sources.
  3. Ensure that all code committed to the repository is unencumbered and compatible with the QGIS license, GPL version 2
  4. Not use or include any code that will cause a trademark or patent infringement. If you are unsure, ask on the developer mailing list or contact a Project Steering Committee member.
  5. Join the qgis-developer mailing list and contribute to discussions
  6. Agree to these requirements by sending an email to the qgis-developer mailing list stating agreement.

These requirements apply to both developers desiring commit privileges and those that submit patches.