8 QGIS Developer Meeting in Essen 2012

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Period and location

October 3rd-7th 2012, Essen, Linuxhotel (Germany)

Please note that in contrast to other years the QGIS Developer Meeting starts on Wednesday 3.10. and finishes on Sunday 7.10. The reason is, that the Linuxhotel sponsors the event and they only have free rooms for this period!

Essen is a city in the central part of the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Located on the River Ruhr, its population of approximately 579,000 makes it the 9th-largest city in Germany. For the year 2010, Essen was the European Capital of Culture on behalf of the whole Ruhr area. You find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essen

The Linuxhotel (http://www.linuxhotel.de) is one of the nodes for open source training in Germany. For years, they support open source projects financially as sponsor and/or provide space for developer and project meetings for special conditions (see: http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html). The QGIS project is thankful that the Linuxhotel (Villa Vogelsang) will host and support the 8th QGIS Developer Meeting.

http://www.kangbang.co.id http://www.agmtech.co.id http://www.apartemen-abdi.com


Linuxhotel (Germany)
Antonienallee 1
D - 45279 Essen-Horst
Phone: 0049-(0)201 8536-600
Fax: 0049-(0)201 8536-605

Map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.43&lon=7.11&mlat=51.43011&mlon=7.11273&zoom=8&layers=B000TTF

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer (and power supply!). Better with a power bar and long cable, and ethernet cable (we'll provide wifi, but better you have a cable, too).
  • Install git and the compiler tools, and come with a working QGIS development environment if possible.


  • Is the QGIS Hackfest just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the QGIS project and/or are committed to improving the QGIS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working qgis implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of openGIS software
  • Is the QGIS Hackfest for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the hackfest?
    • Contact Otto Dassau <dassau_at_gbd-consult.de> or Horst Düster <horst.duester_at_kappasys.ch>

About Essen and the Ruhr area


  • Otto: Working on and planing the Documentation platform. Restructuring the content user manual, update content to current QGIS version.
  • Werner: Taking a look over license issues. Trying to give every important file in source a machine readable license header. Working on some GUI Dialogs (Transparency settings) and learned a lot from Peter Wells. Thanks Pete!
  • Andreas: Discussing relations in QGIS Desktop, working on QGIS Webclient: translation improvements and theme switcher (not yet finished, but finished soon)
  • Alessandro: fixed most bugs of http://plugins.qgis.org, added rating for plugins
  • Giuseppe: fixed several bugs, new Python console much improved
  • Larissa: Worked on QGIS Dokumentation update
  • Horst: Organisation of the event, catering and continuing the developement of QgsWPS/SEXTANTE integration
  • Pete: continued development of a QGIS plugin for displaying time varying hydraulic model results (both scalar and vector) in QGIS.
  • Mathias: started integrating the upcoming QGIS Mapserver GetProjectSettings into the QGIS Webclient for more configuration options from the QGIS project file
  • Radim: Implemented raster pseudocolor limits calculation, WCS select dialog improved, WCS and raster bugfixes.
  • Diana: Contribution to the QGIS GUI Spanish translation.
  • Germán: New Python test (QgsFeature), New plugin (SyncQGISWithDir) for synchronizing QGIS with a directory, started working on WPS for Sextante.
  • Matthias: Drag and drop attribute editor designer, Specifications for foreign key constraints, Enjoying very fruitful exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Hugo: completed the atlas plugin integration (thanks Marco!). Enjoyed discussions.
  • Yvo: Testing developing Python plugins with Eclipse and PyDev under Windows.
  • Marco: Fix and extend composer unit tests, fix bugs / apply pull requests
  • Stephan: Continued work on Python plugin for point acquisition taking into account n:m attribute relationships.
  • Giovanni: Testing, testing again, and more testing. Closed a lot of tickets.
  • All: designed the roadmap to QGIS 2.0


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