5. QGIS Hackfest in Lisbon 2011

The Quantum GIS project will hold a QGIS Developer Meeting, aka 'QGIS Hackfest' in Lisbon, Portugal.


Get together QGIS project members to make decisions and tackle larger problems. As usual, for this meeting we welcome people committed to improving the Quantum GIS project. This includes developers, documenters, bug reporters, translators etc.


  • Is the QGIS Hackfest just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the QGIS project and/or are committed to improving the QGIS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working qgis implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of openGIS software
  • Is the QGIS Hackfest for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the hackfest?
    • Contact Vânia Neves <vania.neves at faunalia dot pt>

Sponsors & Organization

We welcome financial contributions to support the meeting and we are still looking for sponsors to cover costs such as meals or to help reducing travelling and accommodation expenses for QGIS developers with far arrival. If you are also interested to sponsor the QGIS hackfest, please contact Paolo Cavallini <*cavallini at faunalia dot it*>. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to the Quantum GIS project (find more information about QGIS sponsorship HERE).

The fifth QGIS hackfest is a great occasion for you to support the development of QGIS. With your contribution you'll enable more developers to meet in Lisbon. The hackfest is an important opportunity for the QGIS developers to discuss and collaboratively resolve bugs, plan the direction for the project and work on new features. The developers and contributors are donating their valuable time, so it would be great if in-kind funding can be made available from within the community to cover out-of-pocket expenses. All of the work that takes place at the hackfest will be directly contributed back into the QGIS project to the benefit of everyone who uses it.

This edition of the Hackfest is organized by Vânia Neves and Giovanni Manghi (Faunalia.pt ) and MUNICIPIA. The event will be partially supported by MUNICIPIA and by the local OSGeo chapter.

Period and location

Spring 2011, Lisbon, Portugal.


Thursday -> Monday

(14)-15-16-17-(18) April 2011


  • Thursday is day of arrival - probably first meeting in the evening to discuss a bit what has to be done
  • Friday to Sunday full day
  • Monday is day of departure - probably hacking for people with a flight later in the evening

Of course you are invited to join or leave the hackfest whenever you want.


University of Lisbon, Institute of Geography and Land Management


Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território

Edifício da Faculdade de Letras

Alameda da Universidade

1600-214 LISBOA

The venue is inside of the "cidade universitaria" neighborhood that hosts many other faculties/departments, so it is a place crowded of students, with many bars and small restaurants.

QGIS "Day"

As a "side" event, on the afternoon of the 14th of April we will tentatively organize a "QGIS DAY" a informal meeting where we hope to gather a few of the QGIS users of the Portuguese community, and have presentations of the Portuguese Case Studies (plus source:-um-caso-de-estudo?redirect=%2Fweb%2Fguest%2Foutras-noticias" class="external">this). Hopefully we will have also at least one core QGIS developer to show the future developments of QGIS. The venue for this event will be the same of the Developer Meeting (see below) and will start after lunch at 02:30PM.

The program of this meeting will follow in this page as soon as we will receive confirmation from the invited speakers.

The meeting is open but due to the limited number of places available it is necessary to fill this FORM in order to reserve your place (SUBSCRIPTIONS CLOSED).


14:30 Introduction

Welcome by:

  • Sub-Director of the IGOT, "Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território", Prof. Dr. Catarina Ramos
  • QGIS Project Steering Committee representatives
  • OSGeo local chapter members

15:00 Case Studies Presentations

  • "*Implementação da IDE no Municipio de Oeiras*", Dr. Ana Oliveira
  • "*QGIS and GRASS applied to paleontological survey in Western Portugal*", André Mano
  • "*Quantum GIS and GRASS in Biogeographical Research in Spain and Portugal*", Marcia Barbosa
  • "*ARH Tejo. SIG Open Source: um caso de estudo*", Luís de Sousa

16:30 Coffee Break

16:45 (Future) QGIS developments

  • "*Latest QGIS developments: new tools in QGIS 1.7*", Faunalia


There are many transportation available, especially buses and a metro
(called "cidade universitaria") just a few meters away.

(Diagram of the Lisbon Metro)

Web Site of the Lisbon Metro

One ticket for the Metro is 0.90 Euros, while a one day ticket is 3.95 euros, but you can use it also on buses. Metro last ride is at 01:00AM and first ride is at 06:30AM.

Photo and Map of the Venue:

Google Street View

Google Maps

Reaching the Venue and transportations at the airport

The Institute is located in the "university city" (cidade universitaria) neighborhood, nearby (more or less 2 km away) the international airport. The airport is served also by low cost companies and the city is also reachable by train or car -> Itineraries from Porto and from Madrid

After arriving at the airport (that doesn't have a metro station) you will have many options:

  • take a taxi to the Venue (3/4 minutes away)
  • take a taxi to your hostel/hotel or to the nearest metro station (3/4 minutes away)
  • take the AEREOBUS a special bus (costs 3.5 euros) that brings you directly from the airport to the city centre and that stops (on request) in many hotels along the road.


Note: The program is generally open for your ideas. Please write an email to the QGIS developer list to discuss your contribution.


Townhall Meeting

Scheduled at 4pm Lisbon time on Sunday 17 APril (UTC +1, hence 5 pm in the rest of Western Europe).

This will be an hour or two that we set aside to talk about 'big picture' things relating to the project. Gary Sherman (PSC Chair) and any other remote attendees who wish to attend will attend virtually via skype.

Meeting data: TBA

Meeting time: TBA

Items for discussion:

  • Meeting kickoff from Gary
  • Moving to GIT and leaving behind SVN (see also MovingToGIT )(TS)
  • Moving to Redmine as a single unified tracker and leaving behind trac (TS)
  • Financial report: Paolo (project finance representative) (PC)
  • Certification Programme: Status, Problems and Plans (Robert)
  • QGIS 2.0 Roadmap
  • Julien Malik: Orfeo Toolbox and the state of the different initiatives to integrate it into QGIS.
  • Future directions for development (e.g. geometry) (MH)

If possible, I propose that Gary Chairs the meeting via skype. Any other agenda items should be added above.

Accommodation and Costs

Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Lisbon, variable depending on where you come from.
  • Accommodation and meals

Closest hotels/hostels (with prices):

Hostels (Pousadas da Juventude):


Just a metro stop farther than the 'Pousada de Juventude Lisboa' one there are de Pombal and Avenida da Liberdade* one of the main squares and avenues of Lisbon. Around this square and avenue there are a lot of Hotels. Examples:

Other Hotels nearby the Venue:

There are many other hotels/pensions available in the Saldanha/Marques de Pombal/Avenida da Liberdade area (locations along the way to the Venue). You may want to use one of the following sites to check about availability and prices. The strong suggestion is to choose a place that is near a metro station, this way you'll always be in condition to reach the venue easily.

We will cover as much as possible (in particular for core developers) thanks to our sponsors.


Venue building map:


Venue neighbourhood map:


Route to Ibis Saldanha Hotel:


Route to Lisbon Student House:


Route to Mercure Hotel:


Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer
  • Install subversion and the compiler tools, and come with a working QGIS development environment if possible.

Weather and common item prices

  • In april the weather is usually warm (20 or more degrees by day), but remember that Lisbon is a windy city, you'll always need a jacket by night. In spring it can occasionally rain.
  • A espresso coffee is 0.55/0.60 euros, a beer in a common bar is around 1/1.5 euros (can be more in more fancy bars, like in the ""Bairro Alto"":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bairro_Alto). In Lisbon you can still have a full meal for 7-10 euros (usually in the small "tascas", the typical popular restaurants), but beware from tourist restaurants, the prize can easily rise.


We are planning for attendance of 20/30 people (hacking places). Please add your name here or contact Vânia Neves (vania.neves at faunalia dot pt):

*#* Participant Country Arrival Departure Notes QGIS DAY T-Shirt Dinner, thursday 14th
1 Tim Sutton South Africa 09.04 Lisbon Student House yes M yes
2 Paolo Cavallini Italy 13.04 29.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes yes
3 Giovanni Manghi Portugal From the beginning Until the end _ yes L yes
4 Marco Hugentobler Switzerland 14.04 (11:35 Airport) 18.04. (14:50 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes
5 Otto Dassau Germany 14.04 (15:05 Airport) 17.04. (13:35 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha XL yes
6 Martin Dobias Slovakia 14.4. (13:25 Airport) 18.4. (12:05 Airport) Lisbon Student House yes M yes
7 Giuseppe Sucameli Italy 13.04 18.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes XL yes
8 Jean-Roc Morreale France 14/04/11 (18h30) 18/04/11 (19h20) Ibis Hotel Saldanha L yes
9 Jorge Rocha Portugal 14/04/11 15/04/11 Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes yes
10 Anne Ghisla Italy 13/04/11 (12.20 Airport) 19/04/11 (13.00 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha M yes
11 Jürgen Fischer Germany 14/04/11 (15:05 Airport) 18/04/11 (14:15 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes
12 Borys Jurgiel Poland 13/04/11 (16:05 Airport) 19/04/11 (11:45 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha XL yes
13 Alessandro Pasotti Italy 14.04 18.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha L yes
14 Radim Blazek Bohemia 14.4. (23:35 Airport) 18.04. (19:05 Airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha XL
15 Peter Wells UK 14.04 14:00 18.04 15:50 Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes
16 Saber Razmjooei UK 14.04 14:00 18.04 15:50 Ibis Hotel Saldanha XL yes
17 Ricardo Garcia Portugal 14.04 17.04 _ yes
18 Gabriele Franch Italy 14.04 17.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha
19 Davide Albanese Italy 14.04 17.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha
20 Julien Malik France 14.04 (11:50) 18.04 Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes
21 Vincent Picavet France 14.04 (late evening) 18.04 (morning) city center L yes
22 Maxim Dubinin Russia 13.04 18.04 Lisbon Student House yes
23 Jože Dete?nik Slovenia 14.04 (11:50 Airport) 18.04 (afternoon) Hotel Mercure Lisboa L yes (2p)
24 Diogo Vieira Portugal _ _ _ yes M
25 Richard Duivenvoorde The Netherlands 14.04 (22:50 airport) 18.04 (07:15 airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha L
26 Raymond Nijssen The Netherlands 14.04 (22:50 airport) 18.04 (15:35 airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha M
27 Frédéric Ethève France 13.04 (20:00 airport) 15.04 (14:45 airport) Ibis Hotel Saldanha yes
28 Luigi Pirelli Italy


For any doubt/question please contact us at vania.neves at faunalia dot pt

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