4. QGIS Hackfest in Wroclaw 2010

From Thursday, November 11, 2010 - Monday, November 15, 2010 the Quantum GIS project will hold a QGIS Developer Meeting, aka 'QGIS Hackfest' in Wroclaw, Poland.

Broadcast & Video:

We are online here


Get together QGIS project members to make decisions and tackle larger problems.

For this meeting we welcome people committed to improving the Quantum GIS project. This includes developers, documenters, bug reporters, translators etc.


We welcome financial contributions to support the meeting and we are still looking for sponsors to cover costs such as meals or to help reducing travelling and accommodation expenses for QGIS developers with far arrival. If you are also interested to sponsor the QGIS hackfest, please contact Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia dot it>. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to the Quantum GIS project (find more information about QGIS sponsorship here).

The fourth QGIS hackfest is a great occasion for you to support the development of QGIS. With your contribution you'll enable more developers to meet in Wroclaw. The hackfest is an important opportunity for the QGIS developers to discuss and collaboratively resolve bugs, plan the direction for the project and work on new features. The developers and contributors are donating their valuable time, so it would be great if in-kind funding can be made available from within the community to cover out-of-pocket expenses. All of the work that takes place at the hackfest will be directly contributed back into the QGIS project to the benefit of everyone who uses it.


When: Thursday, November 11, 2010 (day of arrival) - Monday, November 15, 2010 (day of departure)

Of course you are invited to join or leave the hackfest whenever you want.


  • Thursday is day of arrival - probably first meeting in the evening to discuss a bit what has to be done
  • Friday to Sunday full day
  • Monday is day of departure - probably hacking for people with a flight later in the evening

Please note: November 11th is a holiday in Poland so most of the shops and restaurants will be closed that day.


Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection

University of Wroclaw

Kosiby 6/8

51-670 Wroc?aw


Google maps

(Photo of the venue) Some new photos

Wroc?aw has an international low cost airport and is also reachable by train or car.


Note: The program is generally open for your ideas. Please write an email to the QGIS developer list to discuss your contribution.


  • Raster providers refactoring (Radim Blazek)
  • GRASS (Radim Blazek)
    • better modules' version support
  • Documentation (Otto Dassau)
    • Update and improve documentation process
    • Work on the manuals
    • create a HTML version (Anne +1)
    • web-based translation?
  • Python plugins management improvements (Borys, Anne, pcav)
  • GUI HIG Compliance review - another audit of all dialogs for HIG compliance and usability (Tim)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Genereal and translated (Werner)
  • Switch to GIT (Anne, remembering some ml exchange) - Using Git
  • WPS: PyWPS plugin - ZOO integration (Anne)
  • Python DB plugins - merging some of them and making PG_manager able to manage other DBs (Giuseppe)
  • Database tools review
As discussed on the BoF in Barcellona:
  • All PostGIS errors available for plugins
  • Raster reprojection
  • Show WMS style name in WMS layer legend
  • Show WMS legend (GetLegendGraphic) in layer legend
  • Show Raster style in layer legend
  • SLD import/export (QML<->SLD?)
  • C++ implementation of fTools plugins
  • Put student project ideas in Wiki

Accommodation and Costs

Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Wroclaw, variable depending on where you come from.
  • Accommodation and meals
    Please note: The currency in Poland is 'z?oty' (PLN) which is about 1/4 EUR currency converter

Closest hotels:

Please let us know your time of arrival and leaving, so we can book for the accommodations and organize the logistics.

We will cover as much as possible thanks to our sponsors.


We are planning for attendance of 30 people (hacking places) but of course you are welcome to join us and bring new ideas with you, as more places are available. Please add your name here or contact Milena Nowotarska <do.milenki at gmail dot com> or Pawe? Netzel (pawel at netzel dot pl):

Participant _'
1 Pawe? Netzel (Poland)
2 Milena Nowotarska (Poland) Thursday 11, 04:45 Wroc?aw G?ówny Monday 15, 00:26 Wroc?aw G?ówny
3 Borys Jurgiel (Poland) Thursday 11, 05:30 Wroc?aw G?ówny
4 Robert Szczepanek (Poland)
5 Jürgen Fischer (Germany) Thursday 11, 12:30 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 13:05 Wroclaw airport
6 Werner Macho (Austria) Friday 12, 07:22, Wroclaw Glowny Monday 15, 20:08, Wroclaw Glowny
7 Anne Ghisla (Italy) Thursday 11, 13.30 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 14.10 Wroclaw airport
8 Martin Dobias (Slovakia) Thursday 11, 21:51, Wroclaw Glowny Sunday 14, 15:35, Wroclaw Glowny
9 Radim Blazek (Czechia)
10 Paolo Cavallini (Italy)
11 Giuseppe Sucameli (Italy)
12 Otto Dassau (Germany) Thursday 11, 18:40 Wroclaw airport Sunday 14, 19.10 Wroclaw airport
13 Tim Sutton (South Africa) Friday 12, 14:00 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 17:05 Wroclaw airport
14 Peter Löwe (Germany)
15 Horst Düster (Switzerland) Thursday 11, 12:30 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 14.10 Wroclaw airport
16 Cédric Möri (Switzerland) Thursday 11, 12:30 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 14.10 Wroclaw airport
17 Pirmin Kalberer (Switzerland) Friday 12, 22.00 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 14.30 Wroclaw airport
18 Mathias Walker (Switzerland) Thursday 11, 18.40 Wroclaw airport Sunday 14, 16.55 Wroclaw airport
19 Marco Hugentobler (Switzerland) Thursday 11, 18.40 Wroclaw airport Sunday 14, 16.55 Wroclaw airport
20 Vincent Picavet (France) Thursday 11, 18.40 Wroclaw airport Monday 15, 14.10 Wroclaw airport
21 Volker Fröhlich (Austria) Friday 12, 07:22, Wroclaw Glowny Monday 15, 12:08, Wroclaw Glowny
22 Micha? Dro?d? (Poland)
23 Maciek Sieczka (Poland)
24 Alicja W?odarz (Poland)
25 Jakub Stachowiak (Poland)
26 Maris Nartišs (Latvia)
27 Peteris Bruns (Latvia)
28 Henia Netzel (Poland)
29 Bazyl (Poland)


Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer
  • Install subversion and the compiler tools, and come with a working QGIS development environment if possible.


  • Is the QGIS Hackfest just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the QGIS project and/or are committed to improving the QGIS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working qgis implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of openGIS software
  • Is the QGIS Hackfest for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the hackfest?
    • Contact Milena Nowotarska <do.milenki at gmail dot com>