10th QGIS Developer Meeting in Brighton 2013 (12th - 16th September)

Time and location

September 12th-16th 2013, Brighton, Great Britain
For those who are interested in attending FOSS4G 2013 (17th-21st September) in Nottingham, transport will be arranged.


University of Sussex

Sponsors and supporters



logo FOSSGIS eV http://www.fossgis.de/


There's a loose schedule for sessions based on the preferences given in the "doodle". The items printed in bold should really pay attention to the schedule, because of intercontinental audience or large groups.

Fri Sat Sun
09:00 S1 New Webpage Configuration Editor Documentation
S2 Attributes Qt Creator Database abstraction layer
11:00 S1 VL Refactoring/Attribute domains 3D Indexing
S2 Plugins (Website/Installer)
15:00 S1 QML WebServer/WebClient
S2 Processing WMS (Tiles and Legend)
Evening Bouldering

Arrivals / Welcome Day (Thursday the 12th)

Start time: 9:00 am
End time: --:--
On this day, we will be hosting the HF in the Friston Building, Room 113, University of Sussex. People will arrive at different time. You can go to your hotel to check-in first and then join us:
To get to Sussex University, you can get a train from Brighton Station to Falmer:

Hackfest (Friday 13th - Sunday 15th)

Start time: 9:00 am
End time: --:--
The University of Sussex have kindly offered to provide us with a room in which to hold the Hackfest with all the amenities you'd expect. They are able to give us access to this room from Friday to Sunday (inclusive).
The meeting room is located in Global Studies School Office (marked with a purple C on the campus map).

Extended Hackfest and Departure / Travel to FOSS4G (Monday 16th)

Monday is the 'day of arrival' for FOSS4G and we anticipate that HF attendees will either be leaving the UK or travelling to FOSS4G on this day (please see below for details on getting from Brighton to Nottingham). We have booked Marwoods function-room for Monday between 9:00-12:00. Those traveling to Nottingham (FOSS4G) will be leaving shortly after lunch.


Here are a few recommendations with very rough indicative prices (for 4 nights). It is recommended to book as soon as possible to avoid lack of rooms and also increases in price. All hotels are central to Brighton. The main venue (the University of Sussex Campus) will be reached by train each day, therefore the distance of each venue from Brighton rail station has been listed.

Please see the Map of Brighton Way-points below for hotel locations. Please also see the Notes column of the table in the Participation section below for details of room offers / shares. https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=207877638500773810999.0004e3578a1558539f9f0&msa=0&ll=50.842153,-0.108662&spn=0.055933,0.169086


Lunch and dinner will be provided. The following venues have been booked for dinner:

Lunch for Monday 16 September is booked at Foodilic (http://www.foodilic.com/). Breakfast will not be provided as it is assumed that most will eat breakfast at their Hotel.

Getting to venue


  • From Gatwick Airport: Train station is located at the South Terminal. If your flight is to the North Terminal, there will be a shuttle train to the South Terminal. Follow the signs for national rail. There will be several kiosk to buy your tickets from. It takes around 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport to Brighton station. You can check trains departure times and buy tickets from http://www.nationalrail.co.uk.
  • From Heathrow Airport: You can get a direct coach (http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx) to Brighton. There might be more frequent coaches to Gatwick Airport. You can get one to Gatwick Airport and take the train from there.
  • From other airports/stations (through London): To get to Brighton, you can catch train from London Victoria or St. Pancras train stations directly to Brighton.

University of Sussex

The venue is located within University of Sussex campus (https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name=campusmap.pdf&site=271). To get to University of Sussex, you can catch train from Brighton station.


  • Domains for attributes
  • QgsVectorLayer enhancements
    • Add a virtual base class for common methods in QgsVectorDataProvider and QgsVectorLayer
    • Refactor the geometry-independent methods out in a QgsDataTable superclass
    • Move all the attribute editor widgets data and methods out of QgsVectorLayer
  • Indexing
    • Client side
    • Provider side
  • Configuration Editor (for plugins)
    • RegEdit like (simple key-value pair editor in a tree, see Etienne's pull reuqest)
    • Register tabs, so it looks like Settings => Options dialog
    • Synergy with the settingsmanager
  • QgsExpression to SQL translator
    • Is a database abstraction layer
    • Compatibility impacts
    • Performance impacts
  • QtDesigner plugin for attribute editor widgets
    • Main reason: Using the object name for field identification does only allow a very limited set of names
    • Assign configuration options on a widget basis and not a field basis
  • New Webpage
    • SSL
    • I'm sure there is a lot more to discuss about our awesome new presentation for 2.0
  • Processing architecture session (with main author Victor)
    • a small session about the architecture of the Processing plugin and how to easily develop new algorithms for it
  • Trying to reuse documentation in application; minimize html in Application (context_help and functions_help)
    • currently those two sections are a huge translate burden, while they probably also should be available in the documentation also
    • would it be possible to pull make context_help point to certain documentation parts, and pull function_help into documentation also. And then let QGIS just point to those parst (online, or maybe a simple copy should be included in app)??
  • QGIS Server and web client development
    • New QGIS server features
    • New QGIS web client features
    • Version for mobile clients (tablets, smartphones)
  • 3D in QGIS (Input presentation by Matthias Kuhn)
    • Support for Z in QgsGeometry ?
    • Support for 3D geometry types (PolyhedralSurface, TIN, Solid ?) and within providers ? (postgis)
    • Future of 3D visualisation options (Globe mostly)
    • OpenGL integration ?
  • Preparations for FOSS4G Processing Workshop (Victor, Paolo, Anita)
    • if possible, please let's schedule this for Saturday afternoon
  • Qt QML (Friday afternoon, informal round table)
    • Qt Markup Language is an alternative to using widgets in newer Qt versions
    • It is mainly used for mobile devices
    • There is a (still incomplete) HTML compiler available
    • We don't have much experience, so if somebody does have experience, this will be much more interesting
  • Python Plugins Repository and Python Plugin Installer
    • Better presentation of tags
    • Maximum QGIS Version and versioning scheme
    • New features



*#* Participant Country Arrival Departure Accommodation Notes By car/bus/train from Gatwick Airport
1 Saber Razmjooei UK --.-- --.-- At my place Can provide accommodation for people (Taken up by Tim, Martin and Werner)
2 Paolo Cavallini IT 12 sept 14:20 22 sept 18:40 Ibis Gatwick Airport
3 Marco Bernasocchi CH 12.09 (11.10) 14.09 IBIS (booked) Sharing room with Matteo Ghetta Heatrow Airport
4 Joana Simoes ES 12.09 18:40 15.09 (evening) Colson House Gatwick Airport
5 Peter Wells UK --.-- --.--
6 Hugo Martins UK --.-- --.--
7 John Patmore UK --.-- --.-- At my place Can provide accommodation for 1 (Taken up by Dražen)
8 Giovanni Manghi PT 11/09 23:00 16/09 17:00 Will stay at Hugo Airport
9 Tim Sutton ZA --.-- --.-- Will stay at Saber ? ?
10 Anita Graser AT 14.09. 13:00 FOSS4G Four Seasons Guest House arriving with Marko Järvenpää, continuing to FOSS4G afterwards 12:00 train from London
11 Marko Järvenpää AT 14.09. 13:00 FOSS4G Four Seasons Guest House continuing to FOSS4G afterwards 12:00 train from London
12 Dražen Odobaši? HR 12.09 11:45 --.-- A bench and an umbrella Will stay at John's Gatwick Airport
13 Borys Jurgiel PL 12.09 16.09 Premier Inn Sharing a room with Andreas
14 Yves Jacolin FR --.-- --.-- IBIS Brighton City Centre (booked) Go to FOSS4G Airport
15 Matteo Gismondi IT/JP 12 SEPT 17.05 FOSS4G IBIS (12-13-15) - 14th not yet booked Not a developer, still eager to provide support Heathrow Airport
16 Werner Macho AT 11.Sept. 17.10 Gatwick 16. Sept. 16.55 Gatwick Stay at Saber Airport
17 Taro Matsuzawa JP 11.09 16.09. FOSS4G Preston Park Hotel, Lichfield House Sharing a room with Ko bus
18 Mathias Walker CH 12.09 16.09. FOSS4G IBIS Willing to share a room Airport
19 Jürgen Fischer DE 12.09. FOSS4G IBIS 9.40 Airport STN
20 Matthias Kuhn CH 12.9. 21:40 FOSS4G IBIS Sharing a room with Victor Gatwick Airport
21 Stéphane Brunner CH 11.09 16.09 ibis Brighton City Centre (booked) Airport
22 Marco Hugentobler CH 12.09. 16.09. FOSS4G IBIS Willing to share a room Airport
23 Luca Casagrande IT 12.09 (13:55) GTW 16.09 (10:00) IBIS Booked Airport
24 Denis Rouzaud CH 12.09 07:30 GTW 16.09 1345 GTW ibis booked ???
25 Otto Dassau DE 13.09 (09:30) 15.09 (18:00) IBIS Sharing room with Lars Lingner Gatwick Airport
26 Larissa Junek DE 12.09 (11:55) 16.09 (21:00) IBIS Heathrow Airport
27 Martin Dobias CS 12.09 (13:25) 16.09 (18:25) Stay at Saber Gatwick Airport
28 Andreas Neumann CH 12.09 (22:05 (Gatwick)) 16.09 Premier Inn Sharing a room with Borys Gatwick Airport
29 Victor Olaya FR 12.09 16.09 Ibis Sharing with Matthias Kuhn Gatwick Airport
30 Alessandro Pasotti IT 12.09 16.09 Ibis --.-- Gatwick Airport
31 Carlos López Quintanilla ES 8:00 am 12.09 16.09 Ibis (not yet booked) willing to share a room Gatwick Airport
32 Vincent Mora FR 12.09 16.09 Hilton Brighton Metropole Gatwick Airport 07:40 (am)
33 Hugo Mercier FR 12.09 16.09 Hilton Brighton Metropole Gatwick Airport
34 Richard Duivenvoorde NL 12.09 16.09 Ibis sharing room with Raymond Car
35 Raymond Nijssen NL 12.09 16.09 Ibis sharing room with Richard Car
36 Yoichi Kayama JP 12.09 16.09 FOSS4G Ibis (booked) Heathrow
37 Ko Nagase JP 14.09 16.09 Preston Park Hotel, Lichfield House Heathrow
38 Michael Smith US --.00 --.-- Ibis (booked) Arriving with DMorissette Heathrow
39 Luigi Pirelli IT/ES 12.09 (16:10) 17.09 (17:15) Ibis (booked but 14th) Available to share room Heathrow
40 Daniel Morissette CA 15.09 (pm) 16.09 FOSS4G Ibis (booked) Heathrow
41 Diethard Jansen NL 13.09 (19:00) 16:09 HouseDean Farm Campsite reserved a pitch, more tents are welcome Car
42 Astrid Emde DE 13.09 (13:00) 16:09 B&B Train
43 Luiz Motta BR 16:15:00 (11/09/2013) 16/09/2013 FOSS4G IBIS Gatwick Airport
44 Lars Lingner DE 13.09 14.09 IBIS sharing room with Otto Dassau - working on qgis-web-client Train
45 Matteo Ghetta IT 12 Sep 11.00 15 Sep 18.00 IBIS Sharing room with Marco Bernasocchi Gatwick Airport
46 Hal Seki JP 13.09 16.09 FOSS4G -- Heathrow
0 Foo Bar --.-- (13h00) --.-- (15h00) Some hotel Something Can you pick up someone?

Room sharing

Individual Preparation


  • Is the QGIS Hackfest just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the QGIS project and/or are committed to improving the QGIS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working qgis implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of openGIS software
  • Is the QGIS Hackfest for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the hackfest?
    • Contact Peter Wells or Saber Razmjooei <info_at_lutraconsulting_dot_co_dot_uk>

About Brighton

Brighton is one of the major cities on the south coast of Great Britain. It is approximately 90 km south of London.

FOSS4G 2013 (Nottingham)

FOSS4G is happening around 320km north of Brighton, shortly after the QGIS hackfest.

Shuttle Bus from Brighton to Nottingham

We have now booked a bus from Brighton to Nottingham for the 21 of you who registered before the 9th of August deadline (see list below). The bus leaves Brighton at 14:00 on Monday the 16th (from nearby Brighton Rail Station) and gets to Nottingham (to the conference venue) later the same day. Please note that this is a ONE-WAY trip and you are responsible for travel arrangements for your onward journey post-FOSS4G. Lutra Consulting are covering the cost of the bus.

For those who need to get back to Brighton (or anywhere else for that matter) after FOSS4G, I recommend booking a train in advance. This can be done at http://www.thetrainline.com If booking well in advance, a trip from Nottingham to Brighton can cost as little as £36. Booking on the day will cost much more. Please note that the cheap tickets are Non-refundable and only valid for the date, time and trains specified so don't be late (better not rely on Android to wake you up in the morning!).

*#* Participant
1 Peter Wells
2 Hugo Martins
3 Anita Graser
4 Tim Sutton
5 Dražen Odobaši?
7 Paolo Cavallini
8 Matteo Gismondi
9 Jürgen Fischer
10 Matthias Kuhn
11 Mathias Walker
12 Yves Jacolin
13 Marco Hugentobler
14 Andreas Neumann
15 Marko Järvenpää
16 Yoichi Kayama
17 Michael Smith
18 Daniel Morissette
19 Taro Matsuzawa
20 Ko Nagase
21 Luiz Motta
22 Astrid Emde
23 Lars Lingner
24 Hal Seki
  • Luigi pirelli cacelled presence in FOSS4G
    The coach will depart at 14:00 pm on Monday 16/09 from here:
    Please ensure to be at that location before 14:00.

Points of Interest Map for FOSS4G

We're also preparing a POI map for Nottingham:


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