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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
17823Feature requestClosedNormalcustom essay writing service2018-03-03 10:52 AM
16602Feature requestClosedNormalenable sticky login (remember me)Jürgen Fischer2017-05-24 09:21 AM
4901Feature requestClosedNormalNew projects do not appear in the "Jump to a project..." list2012-02-08 02:15 PM
4568Feature requestClosedNormalNo category test2011-11-25 05:29 AM
4554Feature requestClosedNormalMigration of MediaWikiPirmin Kalberer2011-11-25 05:07 AM
4369Feature requestClosedNormalShow bounty value and make issues list sortable by thatTim Sutton2012-04-15 11:22 AM
4194Feature requestClosedHighAllow admins create User contributed QGIS Plugins projects and set the proper managerPirmin Kalberer2011-08-25 12:59 PM
4068Feature requestClosedHighRedmine does not work with browser back/forward buttons2011-11-29 06:15 PM
3988Feature requestClosedNormalissue list has horizontal scrolling, general layout issuesPirmin Kalberer2011-11-27 01:14 PM
3983Feature requestClosedNormalRemove list of members2011-11-24 05:37 AM
3966Feature requestClosedNormalMake tickets automatically "watched" when a user creates onePirmin Kalberer2011-11-25 05:30 AM
3953Feature requestClosedNormalCreate useful Ticket filtersPirmin Kalberer2011-06-12 01:33 PM
3950Feature requestClosedNormalRemove duplicates in QGIS project membersPirmin Kalberer2011-06-12 01:01 PM
3948Feature requestClosedNormalSetup logrotatePirmin Kalberer2011-06-12 11:45 AM


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