From 2012-04-09 to 2012-05-08


08:42 AM Support #5467 (Open): Cannot edit issue in User Plugins project
Is there a particular reason why I can not change the status of the
tickets for the User Plugins project?
In QGIS ...
Salvatore Larosa


05:04 AM Feature request #5414 (Open): no "New project" link in "User Plugins"
The instructions for adding a new plugin (at say to register a new plugin at https://issues... Etienne Tourigny


11:36 AM Support #5368 (Closed): Cannot get rid of "bounty hunter" role and two related statuses
Here at the HF I have been asked to get rid of the "bounty" stuff as it didn't worked as expected, so the decision wa... Giovanni Manghi
11:22 AM Feature request #4369 (Closed): Show bounty value and make issues list sortable by that
Bounties didn't worked as expected, so we took the decision to drop them. Giovanni Manghi

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