Bug report #16434

Updated by Harrissou Santanna over 2 years ago

h3. Expected behavior

When using the "Split Feature" tool on a feature in a GeoPackage layer, one of the new features keeps the fid of the old feature, and the other gets a new, unique fid.

h3. Actual behavior

After splitting a feature and attempting to save, the operation fails with the message


Could not commit changes to layer seattle_censusblocks seattle_censusblocks MultiPolygon

Errors: ERROR: 1 feature(s) not added.

Provider errors:

OGR error creating feature -2: failed to execute insert : UNIQUE constraint failed: seattle_censusblocks.fid


Cancelling the edits and leaving edit mode shows that one of the new features has been deleted, while the other new feature remains.

I've also tried editing the fid to be unique before saving, with mixed success.