Bug report #20864

Updated by Jürgen Fischer almost 5 years ago

I'm experiencing some strange behavior while working with rotated labels in a layout.

I add a label item on my layout like this:

x: 100
y: 100
width: 30
height: 12
refPoint: center-left

When I rotate it 270 degrees, it rotates around the center, ending up at x: 115, y: 115. I would expect it to rotate around the center-left reference point.

Now I want to display a longer text string, so I extent the label box length a bit (in this rotated state, I drag the top of my label a bit upwards). After releasing my mouse the entire label moves further left and downwards on my layout.

Exact same behaviour for picture items, so I guess it is a general QgsLayoutItem thing.

Not sure how this is meant to be, but this feels not very logical to me.

This could be related to #19987 to: