Bug report #20611

Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 3 years ago

*For result in a directory, data used are created and exported again with the result... with processing/GRASS/raster r.mapcalc function and maybe more (functions)...*

Thanks Jürgen Fischer because we can use GRASS in processing of QGIS 3.5.0 (maybe too for the next 3.4.2???) and Windows...

#20146 https://issues.qgis.org/issues/20146

+*BUT WE HAVE A PROBLEM when we run the command because the data imported are exported again...*+

Example if i use this expression in processing/grass/raster > r.mapcalc:
My data : DEM (in a different dierctory of the result directory)
My expression : NEWDEM=DEM+10
Choose a directory for result : temporary (or a definitive place)

+*After calculation:*+
a file *"NEWDEM.tif" is created in the result directory*... but *+a (new) file "DEM.tif" is created too in this directory+*...
(i remind "DEM.tif" is the file used for calculation. It seems not necessary to export it again)

I think the problem is due to the fact that the data is imported into a temporary grass project with the r.in.gdal to do the calculation next.
Then the export is done from the result of the g.list function in this temporary grass project, result which lists the input data...

So, DEM is *imported with r.in.gdal*, <*any GRASS functions?*>, *listed (not excluded) with g.list* to prepare exportation and *exported again (data calculated too) with r.out.gdal*...
<r.mapcalc function is used between import and export>...