Bug report #19945

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 5 years ago

Tested the buffer tool, but possibly all others are affected. This is regardless of the input data type. Example:

ogr2ogr /tmp/processing_db57843afc44487c9e08a83e234924aa/bfb8be3fac3446a2b0be83fc1e1050ba/OUTPUT.shp /home/giovanni/Desktop/teste.gpkg -dialect sqlite -sql "SELECT ST_Buffer(geom, 1.0) AS geom, fid,gid,fips,iso2,iso3,un,name,area,pop2005,region,lon,lat,id,dadsadsa FROM 'teste'" 'cac1'" -f "ESRI Shapefile"
GDAL command output:
ERROR 1: Failed to create file /tmp/processing_db57843afc44487c9e08a83e234924aa/bfb8be3fac3446a2b0be83fc1e1050ba/OUTPUT.shp: No such file or

or2ogr cannot write to "/tmp/processing_db57843afc44487c9e08a83e234924aa/bfb8be3fac3446a2b0be83fc1e1050ba/" because the folder does not exist beforehand.